Fall ‘Nice Stuff’ sale slated for Sept. 21

Our second “Nice Stuff” sale will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Saturday, Sept. 21, at the shelter next to the City Swimming Pool. Back in the Year 1, when we were trying to get the money together to build our present building (our first meeting place that was  our own), we used to have yard sales at which a major portion of the congregation helped. Now the Endowment Committee is trying to raise our endowment in order to assure the care of our building forever by using only the interest after we get the fund up to $50,000.

So what can you do? Help, whether you are on the Endowment Committee or not. Of course, that group will do the major organizing and work very hard at the sale. It includes Dru Riley Evarts, chair; Natalie Barman, Geoff Greenfield, Don Shamblin, and Pauline Urbahns. What the committee needs from everybody else is nice stuff to sell, people to help on the day of the sale, people who can haul stuff (both to the sale and away from it later), people who can make and distribute signs, and so on.

yardsale imageMost of all, we need people to look around their places to find “nice stuff” they are not using and are willing to contribute.  We, of course, cannot make much at a sale unless we have worthy stuff to sell. Get some stuff from your neighbors and friends, too. They will thank you for helping them de-clutter. And tell them to come to our sale.

The shelter at the City Swimming Pool is a good place to have our sale, but we cannot display or price the goods until that morning because it is entirely open and cannot be locked up for the night before. Committee members will be at the shelter beginning t 6 a.m. in order to display and price everything, but there will be no selling until 9 a.m. You could be a huge help if you could bring whatever you have rounded up and have it at the shelter between 6 and 9 a.m., the earlier the better. If you absolutely cannot do it that morning, call or e-mail Dru (592-1231 or evarts@ohio.edu) and she can store it during the week before in her garage (on OU’s campus, the house in front of Glidden Hall, the Music Building). The less we actually have to transport twice, the better, of course.

Call Dru also if you have questions or suggestions. And please sign up to help, either with her or at a Fellowship service.