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Our Congregation

The seven principles of Unitarian Universalism are important to all UU congregations. But each lives those principles out in its own way and with its own particular emphases. At UUFA, we have identified three basic ideas, or “pillars,” as central to our identity as a faith community: religious pluralism, inclusive community, and sustainable living.

Religious pluralism is a commitment to value and affirm all religions as equally valid traditions of wisdom and spiritual expression, and to support each individual in pursuing their unique spiritual path or experience of connection with something larger than the self. We believe there is one light and many paths to it, and we value open, honest, and caring dialogue among the various paths.

Inclusive community means that religion is for everyone. We believe our duty as people of faith is to offer an experience of community that is welcoming to all, of any race or gender or sexual orientation or age or creed or political inclination. And we seek to integrate that diversity into a rich and harmonious community.

Sustainable living means that we understand ourselves as interdependent, with each other and with the community of life on this planet. Therefore, we are called to work for the good of the web of life in which we participate, and to honor each creature’s place in that web as equal in importance to our own. We seek to live in a way that allows all to live well.

These are the principles that guide UUFA’s ministry in its community. These are the yardsticks by which we measure our efforts to live out our faith.

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