New Door Key Policy at the UUFA

The Executive Committee of the UUFA has approved the Key Policy below with regards to access to the Fellowship Hall, effective 1/1/2015.

If you do not currently access the facility outside of service times and meetings then the policy most likely will not affect you. If you do access the building using the key located in the key vault attached to the front of the building then please do read the policy to see how you are affected.

Everyone on the access list will be receiving the new code prior to its being changed.

Thank you for attention to this change.

Questions? Contact Patrick Gordon (

UUFA Key Policy Approved 12/2014

  1. Access to the building via a published key code will be limited to board members, committee chairs, the rental coordinator, the entire facility committee and the head of the cleaning crew.
  2. The access code to the box holding the key for the above-mentioned group will be changed quarterly by the head of the facility committee.
  3. An email distribution group will be set up by the web manager and revised quarterly, at the time of the key code change, to contain the email addresses of the above members; a suggestion for the address is
  4. When the key code is changed, the head of the facility committee will send an email to the above group informing them of the new key code.
  5. Members will be informed of the key policy verbally and in writing.  All members will be asked to complete a member rental agreement prior to a personal special event so the event may be added to the event calendar. When members not on the above list need access to the facility on special occasions, they must contact the rental coordinator to obtain a dedicated key box for the building; alternatively, a member with access may unlock the door in person.
  6. The rental coordinator will provide a key to the left-hand door of the front of the building in a dedicated key box for non-member rentals; that box will be set out for the renter and removed after the rental event.
  7. The rental coordinator will provide a key to the right-hand door of the front of the building in a dedicated key box for members without access to the key code.  The member is expected to return the key and key box to the rental coordinator after the event.