Summer Institute 2013: Social Justice: A Central UU Path

Ask anyone who has been to a UU Summer Institute, and he or she will tell you that they are WONDERFUL. Frank and Lorraine Myers are an example of people who have a great time there.

This year’s Institute is July 14-20 in Gambier, Ohio. To learn all about the Summer Institute (SI), go to If you register by June 1, the $75 registration fee is waived, according to a message sent this week from Ohio Meadville District headquarters.

SI is pleased to have the Rev. Art McDonald returning as the theme speaker for the week. The major theme is “Social Justice: A Central UU Path.” The institute not only centers on its major theme, but sponsors many other study groups, recreation, and activities for the whole family.

Online registration is now open, so take advantage of it in time to qualify for the waiver. You can download a full pdf brochure and learn all about the institute, registration procedures, scholarship applications, and more. OMD encourages you to read through the entire brochure before registering and learn all about registration procedures, co-op dorms,
youth housing, evening activities, and volunteer work positions. About 600 UU people usually attend.