2013 Services: April 21 – May 12

Apr. 21 — Earth Day. UU Principles provide lessons to be considered on Earth Day. Learn more about the UU Ministry for the Earth (UUMFE) and the call to action sent to all congregations. (See p. 2 for that statement.) We will consider what resources are already in place to help us work toward sustainability and identify those ways that we can influence new or renewed initiatives. Service leader: Patrick Gordon, assisted by Barb Harrison.

Apr. 28 — May Day, with Sonja Coble — After the long winter, we welcome the seasonal fertility and growth with merrymaking, music, and fun! We hoist our annual Maypole and dance to celebrate the renewing Earth. Musicians are welcome!

May 5 — Brian Henke, guitarist — We are thrilled to host again guitarist Brian Henke, who wowed us last July with his musicianship and unique instruments. He composes and performs his music like a painter putting images on canvas, drawing his inspiration from the world around him. He often takes his guitar on hikes to create a spontaneous response to outdoor settings, which galvanizes the compositions of this award-winning virtuosic fingerstyle guitarist and his inspiring, soulful music. Service leader: Kimberly Wagner

May 12 — “Flowers for/from Your Mother,” with the Rev. Evan Young. We celebrate Mother’s Day, our annual Flower Communion, and the common thread between the two. Like a flower, a mother is here for a season, a finite lifetime, and then is a memory. And yet mothers plural, like flowers plural, are eternal and universal. And some of them have thorns. A celebration of beauty and loss, memory and resurgence. Bring a flower (or a bouquet) to share! Stay for the potluck lunch!