Celebrating the Arrival of Spring

The vernal equinox is here ! Join us as we gather to celebrate the arrival of spring at long last. Together we will cast away those things we have harbored during the cold winter which no longer serve us. As a community we will envision our dreams, hopes and desires to be realized as the earth teems with new life.

Our Sunday service will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday March 22nd. Please bring a drum if you have one to join in the celebration of the season. Sponsored by Covenant of UU Pagans of Athens, Ohio

February 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

In attendance: Lynda Smith, Paul Patton, Jeremy Bowman, Michael Pistrui, Daniel Williams, Barb Harrison, Patrick Gordon, Jackie Warmke, Lois Whealey, Laura Mitchell, Roberta Roberson, Natalie Barman

Call To Order: 12:10

Leadership Covenant read by members

Review Prior Minutes: Motion to accept: Jackie, Seconded Natalie. No opposition.

Minister’s Report: Don Rollins to preach here in May. He is also interested in becoming an Affiliated Community Minister (discussion re this process to happen at future date after Don preaches at UUFA)

Treasurer’s Report: Many evenings spent setting up books, accounts, procedures, processes. Big thanks to Laura, Michael, Patrick, and Jeremy!

Old Business

Annual business meeting planning underway.

Finance committee to get budgets from committees—by Feb 15th.

All info (budgets, agenda, etc) for the general business meeting needs to be with Roberta by Feb 18th.

New Business

Re bylaws, Paul: motion: board to have meeting with bylaw committee to discuss new bylaws. Seconded Roberta. No opposition.

UUA certification and vote on social justice issue due tomorrow: Laura motion to vote yes on Reproductive Justice issue. Lois seconded. No opposition.

Pat advised we have 50 voting members in the congregation.

Committee Reports

Programming/RE Natalie: Children’s program following SOTSL program. Natalie appreciates having children involved in upstairs Sunday programs. Long term planning underway. Need babysitter for young ones. Natalie to talk with Jessie about Adult RE. Natalie to put together a budget. Paul reports that programming is scheduled through June.

COM/Membership Membership: revisiting game day and considering other non-Sunday service activities.

Facilities/Endowment: Kitchen update underway. Paul motion, Natalie seconded to tour the proposed new kitchen space after meeting. No opposition. Clean up day went well. Patrick talked about budgets and future facilities projects—insulation, doors.

Standing on the Side of Love: Lois advised that $370 raised through Guest At Your Table.

Adjourn: Roberta motion, Barb seconded 1:45

Sunday Service Feb 1: “Serpents, Fire and Avalon: Imbolc” with CUUPS

We mark the beginnings of February with the modern “holiday” of Groundhog day, in which the fates decide, through the celebrated decision-making of a rodent, whether the remaining winter will be long or short. Buried beneath this modern celebration is a much older tradition of fire, serpents, and goddesses. On this day, we bring focus to mid-winter, reflect on the path we have traveled and the renewal that the pending spring promises. Join us as we weave together myths of old with the celebration of community as we mark this Imbolc, the day of Brigid.

Sunday Service Jan 18: We Won’t Sleep Though the Revolution

Please join us for our service on Sunday, January 18 at 11am! This is the first Sunday Service in the Standing on the Side of Love series which celebrates the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr. In Paul Patton’s message we will reflect on many of Rev. King’s words, particularly his address before the UUA in 1966. We will consider on our own role in the social revolution taking place in the world today and how we can more fully engage in the dream of justice and equality.

In RE, the children will be learning how each individual is different but also special.

Christmas Eve Service: Heroes, Saviors, and the Virgin Birth

On December 24th at 7pm, Paul Patton and Patrick Gordon will give an updated encore presentation of their well received Christmas Eve Service from last year, Heroes, Saviors, and the Virgin Birth. In light of the Christian legend of the birth of a savior from a virgin, different virgin birth stories from other cultures will be examined in the light of Joseph Campbell’s work in the area of myths. Paul and Pat will be reading from the Gospel of Luke In English, Latin, and Greek. The service will culminate in the singing of traditional carols and songs. Please check our calendar and Facebook for more information.


Sunday Oct 5: “The Unitarian Universalist Identity and Jewish History” with Rev. Lynda Smith

What unique and precious elements of our UU heritage are harmonious with Judaism? Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year is October 3-4th. How might UU’s relate to a “Day of Atonement”?

Join us for Service on Sunday, October 5th for “The Unitarian Universalist Identity and Jewish History” led by Rev. Lynda Smith. Service Starts at 11am.


Sunday Sep. 21: Autumn Equinox Service & Ribbon Cutting for Cam’s Sanctuary

Paul Patton and CUUPS will lead us in service to recognize the end of summer and the perfect balance between the light and the dark. In this moment of balance, we will reflect on the changes we have experienced as a community and as individuals.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Camden’s Sanctuary will take place immediately following service.