Services for November 2013

Sunday, November 3
“What’s in a Minister?” by the Ministerial Search Committee
Please join us this Sunday as we explore what it is we would like to have in a new minister. Because of the floor refinishing project, this service will be held at the Athens Community Center.

Sunday, November 10
“The 11th Hour” by Patrick Gordon
It was called the War to End All Wars but it was only the beginning of a century of ongoing conflict. Join us in this remembrance of the victims of all wars, a rededication of purposeful peace, and the dedication of a new Peace Pole for the fellowship. The children will be included in the service and the choir will be singing. Our monthly potluck will follow.

Sunday, November 17
“Meditation on Twin Hearts” by Nicolaas Blaauw
The Meditation on Twin Hearts is a powerful meditation tool used to bless the Earth with peace, love, harmony, and other healing energies.  By blessing the Earth using the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, one is also blessed with these positive healing energies, also partially expelling used up and diseased energies from the body and replacing them with loving, healing prana (or energy).

Sunday, November 24
“Guest at Your Table” by Lois Whealey
Guest at Your Table this year won’t have little boxes–But UUSC still needs MONEY.  Today, Lois will kick off GaYT 2013 and we’ll consider maps and reality through several specific UUSC partners, bringing together immigration, response to natural weather crises, good food, wage justice, and women’s rights.

All services start at 10:30am unless otherwise noted. Sunday, Nov 3 will be held at the Athens Community Center due to our floor refinishing project.