Cakewalk Raises $1,021

The UUFA annual cake walk was a huge success again! Thanks to Natalie Barman, Jessie Roberson, Roberta Roberson, and Sam Pattantyus. The cakewalk proceeds are instrumental in getting the UUFA through the fiscal year transition.

Nineteen members and friends made delicious goodies which were auctioned off on April 6. The biggest ticket items were Harry Coffey’s chocolate mousse, Jessie Roberson’s German chocolate cake, Daniel Willams and Sam Patt’s mandarin orange and pineapple cake, and Phil Ploghoft’s sour cream gooseberry pie. Other bakers and donators include Charlie Barman, Jen and Jeremy Bowman, Dru Evarts, Sara Foster, Sue Foster, Patrick Gordon, Barb Harrison, Heather Haught, Laura Mitchell and Jade, Marsha Nagy, Sarah Nelson, Alexa Ross and Jackie Warmke.

Of course this event would not be a success without everyone who bought the yummy goods. Thanks to Natalie & Charlie Barman, Jen and Jeremy Bowman, Andree Cavender, Harry Coffey, Anne Cooper, Dru Evarts, Sara Foster, James Frame and Laura Mitchell, Pat Gordon and Barb Harrison, Sarah McGrew, Marsha Nagy, Sam Pattantyus, Phil Ploghoft, Ruth Reilly, Roberta and Jessie Roberson, Alexa Ross, Jackie Warmke, Daniel Williams, and Sara and Nathan, our new friends from Parkersburg. Can’t wait to see all the delicious things people bring next year!