Welcoming New Members!

We welcomed two new members to the UUFA membership status during our morning service last Sunday, Feb. 24.

Daniel Ornstein was born and raised just north of Indianapolis, moving to Ohio by way of Iowa, Omaha, NE, and Chicago. After receiving a Bachelor’s in Physics (and some serious soul searching), he decided to enter into teaching. He’s currently working on earning his licensure in AYA Physics, Math, and Chemistry at OU. Raised a Reconstructionist Jew, he’s excited to have found a group with the same respect for tradition, openness to new ideas, and love of social justice.

Lindsay Radomski graduated from Ohio University in 2013 with a degree in Psychology. After moving back into her parents house for six months she found herself and her cat longing for Athens so they packed up all their things…again… and moved back to Athens, home once again.

New members are a blessing to our congregation. If you are interested in membership or know someone who might be, please contact a leader of UUFA.

The UUFA Needs Your Pledge!

The pledge drive would normally wrap up at the end of May, but we currently have pledges for just 49% this fiscal year’s $53,757 budget. Pledges help the UUFA stay on budget so that we can pay bills, keep the building maintained, and pay the RE staff and our new minister. Because the pledging is so important we have extended the Pledge Drive through June 15th. If you haven’t pledged yet or have questions about pledging, please reach out to a member of the Finance Committee: Sam Pattantyus (UUFA Treasurer), Jeremy Bowman, Sarah McGrew, Laura Mitchell, Natalie Barman, or Daniel Williams.

Camden’s Memorial

“I feel Camden everywhere. In the breeze, in the heat of the flame, in the song of the peepers… He was truly always one with the world around him.” – Laura Patton

Camden’s Sanctuary is a memorial to the child who left a mark on everyone he touched and a way to give back to a community he loved. A bird sanctuary will be built with a fountain and viewing locations for children and adults. The plans also include a new playground that will serve the children of the UUFA for years to come. It will connect to the bird sanctuary via a nature trail.

Anyone wishing to support Camden’s family and the memorial can drop of checks or funds at the Ohio University Credit Union marked for “Camden Patton Sanctuary.” You can also donate directly to the UUFA; just earmark checks and envelopes for Camden’s Sanctuary.

Lynda Smith Welcomed as New Minister

We are delighted to welcome Rev. Lynda Smith to the UUFA! She has accepted the 1⁄4 time position we offered her with a start date in August. Congratulations everyone and deepest thanks to the search committee.

Rev. Lynda Smith has been a UU since 1971 and was ordained a UU minister in 2006. She is currently finishing up an Interim Ministry in Danville, Indiana at the UU Community Church. Lynda has been Director of Religious Education at the UU congregation in Detroit, MI and been a member or served UU congregations in Studio City, CA; Southfield and Grand Rapids, MI. She has learned in her personal spiritual journey, and seen in UU congregations, the importance of authenticity in relationships. She also cherishes the difference a real community makes in individual lives and in the world.

Not for Ourselves Alone

Through thoughtful reflections and personal stories, UU leaders share how we might strengthen our spirit through our connections with one another and with the Holy. Not for Ourselves Alone: Theological Essays on Relationship edited by Laurel Hallman and Burton D. Carley, invites us to move beyond the age-old theological question “Who am I?” and instead asks, “Whose are we?” This new emphasis suggests that we are all part of something larger that both includes us and transcends us. Purchase your copy at your UUA Bookstore.

Witnessing for Love at General Assembly

The public witness at this year’s General Assembly (GA) will be an event like no other. Help us celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Standing on the Side of Love campaign by witnessing for the power of love as a force for justice.

Join us June 28 at WaterFire, a local, non-profit riverfront community arts festival held in downtown Providence. By bringing our UU values to the public square, we will be evangelists for love. Learn more about this unique public witness and how you can  volunteer for a special role!

UUFA Annual Leadership Retreat – Saturday June 7 – 7501 Long Run Rd.

UUFA Executive Committee Members and Leaders:

Join us for the UUFA annual leadership retreat this this coming Saturday, June 7th from 2pm – 5pm .

Barb Harrison and Pat Gordon will host the meeting at their home – 7501 Long Run Rd., Athens, OH.
Due to an unexpected opening, the event will now take place in the Fellowship hall of the UUFA.

All leaders and members are welcome to attend this leadership meeting.

Please bring a potluck dish to share as we will plan to eat at the close of our meeting. Beverages and table service will be provided.

We regret that child care will not be provided as our home and grounds are not yet kid friendly . We adore our UUFA kids and want to keep them safe. If you are able to make childcare arrangements so that you can join us that would be best.

Leaders, please take some time to jot down your committee’s major accomplishments this past year as well as your dreams for the coming year.

Yours in community,

Barb Harrison

Cakewalk Raises $1,021

The UUFA annual cake walk was a huge success again! Thanks to Natalie Barman, Jessie Roberson, Roberta Roberson, and Sam Pattantyus. The cakewalk proceeds are instrumental in getting the UUFA through the fiscal year transition.

Nineteen members and friends made delicious goodies which were auctioned off on April 6. The biggest ticket items were Harry Coffey’s chocolate mousse, Jessie Roberson’s German chocolate cake, Daniel Willams and Sam Patt’s mandarin orange and pineapple cake, and Phil Ploghoft’s sour cream gooseberry pie. Other bakers and donators include Charlie Barman, Jen and Jeremy Bowman, Dru Evarts, Sara Foster, Sue Foster, Patrick Gordon, Barb Harrison, Heather Haught, Laura Mitchell and Jade, Marsha Nagy, Sarah Nelson, Alexa Ross and Jackie Warmke.

Of course this event would not be a success without everyone who bought the yummy goods. Thanks to Natalie & Charlie Barman, Jen and Jeremy Bowman, Andree Cavender, Harry Coffey, Anne Cooper, Dru Evarts, Sara Foster, James Frame and Laura Mitchell, Pat Gordon and Barb Harrison, Sarah McGrew, Marsha Nagy, Sam Pattantyus, Phil Ploghoft, Ruth Reilly, Roberta and Jessie Roberson, Alexa Ross, Jackie Warmke, Daniel Williams, and Sara and Nathan, our new friends from Parkersburg. Can’t wait to see all the delicious things people bring next year!