Cakewalk starts pledge drive with a roaring success — $1,675

Natalie Barman and Kev Polk pulled off a miracle April 14 with our annual cakewalk, which kicked off the pledge drive to meet the operational expenses of the Fellowship over the next fiscal year (July 2013-June 2014). The $1,675 they raised at the auction was more than double the highest previous figure (last year).

Seventeen members and friends made the cakes and other home-baked goodies, which were auctioned just after the regular second-Sunday lunch, during which the auction items were on display for the purpose of silent bidding. All were labeled on the silent auction forms, which were used by auctioneer Evan Young to describe the delicious and beautiful items as Natalie and her attractive assistants took each item table to table as it came up for bidding.

Those who stayed up half the night or arose early Sunday (or both) to bake for the cakewalk included some multi-project bakers and more single bakers. Jeremy Bowman was the champ, with a chocolate- chip cheesecake, gluten-free poppy-seed Cake w/ vanilla egg custard and chocolate butter cream frosting; chocolate layer cake with chocolate butter cream icing; and a mini yellow cake with chocolate butter cream icing. Jessie Roberson was next, with a German chocolate cake, ginger bread, and two lemon pound cakes.

Other creators of glorious fare were: Charlie Barman, Guinness chocolate cake; Harry Coffey, chocolate mousse; Dru Riley Evarts, pecan cinnamon rolls; Sara Foster, sour cream crumb cake; Ross Hockman, chocolate chip cookies; Kate Mitchell, chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookies; Laura Mitchell, chocolate trifecta cake with blue fondant bird and eggs; Lorraine Myers, chocolate/kaluha cake; Marsha Nagy, pineapple upside-down cake with walnuts; Milt Ploghoft, sour cream gooseberry pie; Jerry Schaffer, lemon bars; Kimberly Wagner, whole wheat olive & sun-dried tomato loaf; Jackie Warmke, vegan orange cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache; Lois Whealey, applesauce spice cake with cream-cheese frosting; and Evan Young, raspberry cream cheese coffee cake.

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