Get Involved: CROP Hunger Walk and more

The annual Athens CROP Hunger Walk to counter hunger, both locally (25%) and overseas (75%), is scheduled for Sunday, October 12. We will walk on the bike path, beginning at 2 PM by the Richland Ave. bridge/Peden Stadium.  See Lois Whealey for more information and a signup envelope, and please ask friends and neighbors (on line works too) to make a donation.

Register Here to Join our Team:

Crop Hunger Walk

Speaking of hunger, tipped restaurant workers have not had an increase in their minimum wage for over 20 years; it is still $2.13 an hour. No wonder twice as many food service workers depend on food stamps as any other worker category. UU Service Committee is lobbying for a rise of the tipped minimum wage to 70% of the regular minimum wage. The NRA (not the gun lobby, but the National Restaurant Association), has several dozen lobbyists at congress keeping NRA workers on low minimum wages.

Alas, Mother Jones is no longer around to speak up for the workers. Thanks Patrick for reminding us of Mother Jones’ good works in honor of Labor Day.

UU Justice Ohio’s November 8 annual meeting in Columbus will be addressing possible action during the “Lame Duck” session of the Ohio Legislature, which will occur after Election Day on Tuesday, November 4. UUJO member Lois Whealey has posted the UUJO tentative annual meeting schedule on the bulletin board at UUFA.