GreenSheet, May 21-27, 2017

**Upcoming Events**

UUFA Work Day

Saturday, May 20, 2017,  10 am to whenever
Top projects will be:
1. spread parking lot stone
2.  Work on new office
3.  build small concrete ramp for end of sidewalk to kitchen
4.  Install new fireplace screen
5.  general grounds cleanup.
6.   Any favorite project of attendees.
All help and good deeds are  appreciated.

Sunday Service: Unitarian Universalism Viewed as a Religion

Sunday, 11am-noon
We will be exploring our faith as religion and how it conforms, differs, and is moving the meaning of the word religion.


 Pastoral Care

Our contract minister, Don Rollins, is available for pastoral care telephone calls and time sensitive issues via his cell (740-988-7834) or by email ( Please note the letter l (as in lantern) between Don’s first and last names.

Please Submit Announcements

To be sure to be included in the weekly Greensheet post, email your announcements by Thursday at noon to If you miss this cutoff time, you may bring your announcement in writing to the service leader before service begins on Sunday, so he or she can announce it from the podium.