GreenSheet Weekly, 1/29/17-2/4/17

***This Week at the UUFA**

Sunday Service: Imbolc

Sunday, 11am-noon
Imbolc, also known as Saint Brigid’s Day, is a traditional Gaelic festival celebrating the approaching end of winter and welcoming the warmer and brighter days of spring.


Pastoral Care

Our contract minister, Don Rollins, is available for pastoral care telephone calls and time sensitive issues via his cell (740-988-7834) or by email ( Please note the letter l (as in lantern) between Don’s first and last names.

Please Submit Announcements

To be sure to be included in the weekly Greensheet post, email your announcements by Thursday at noon to If you miss this cutoff time, you may bring your announcement in writing to the service leader before service begins on Sunday, so he or she can announce it from the podium.