GreenSheet Weekly Digest 2/7/16-2/15/16

**This Week at the UUFA**

Sunday Service – Rural Appalachian Ohio: An Asset-Based Approach

Sunday 11:00am – 12:00pm

Join us for this Sunday service in which we’ll hear from two Ohio University faculty members (Dr. Sharon Casapulla & Dr. Mike Hess) who have dedicated their careers to working with schools and social services in Appalachian Ohio from an asset rather than a deficit based approach. Examples of their work as OU faculty will be shared with an emphasis on the powerful use of the democratic process in working with community partners.

Choir Practice

Wednesday 8:15-10:00pm
All skill levels welcome. For more information contact Barb Harrison:



Membership/Caring Committee Requests Help for Lois Gladchild

Lois Gladchild is recently home from a hospital stay and is in need of several things . Please assist as you can:

1. Encouraging words. Although she is working hard to regain her strength, it is hard work.

2.In order to assist with encouragement if you have time please help Lois by bringing homemade food and staying to help eat it. Please be aware of the following dietary restrictions: NO nuts, seeds, legumes of any sort although green beans and peas are fine. The middle of the day would be best. (She is not close to Athens and is about 30 minutes outside of Amesville.)

3.  If you can help in any way please e-mail Lois’s daughter Ebby (, and cc Marsha Nagy ( so that she can send directions to you. It is a nice drive although a little windy.

4. Thanks to any and all hwo can help out any day the first two weeks of February.

Save the Date – Leadership Meeting 2/14

The leadership planning meeting originally scheduled for Jan. 31 had to be cancelled due to weather. It has been rescheduled for Sunday, Feb. 14 after service. If you consider yourself a leader in the UUFA community, or just want to know what goes on in the heads of the folks running the place, please come to share your vision. The love and effort of our community are what sustain and improve our spiritual home.

Please Submit Announcements

To be sure to be included in the weekly Greensheet post and in the service leader’s slides, email your announcements by Thursday at noon to If you miss this cutoff time, you may bring your announcement in writing to the service leader before service begins on Sunday, so he or she can announce it from the podium.

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  1. L. Dwayne DeckerGreetings, All! Dwayne, here! This is actually silaimr to when I try and explain my understanding of UU-theology to evangelical Christians. I start by trying to lead them, gently, into the possibility that the limitlessness of God will take them outside of their box. I use a gaming-die at least a 10-sided, if I can’t find one more multi-facetted. Assuming the die represents Higher Power, The One Divine Source I stand them around me. I ask them what number they see. Of course, they each see a different number. And I keep reminding them this is all one and the same die; but, if you could only see the one facet, you would consider that to be the limit of the die; and, if you chose to adopt a narrow-minded focus on that perspective, you would argue ardently for your side refusing to believe that any other perspective could be as correct as yours. But, in actuality, all the perspectives are equally correct. Each of them is reflecting their perspective, honestly, of the One True die . Just as each world Faith expresses, an equally correct yet different perspective of the One True DivineSource Higher Power/God/Goddess/Allah/Buddha/Gaia/Collective Id/Divine Spark/Creator/ or whatever else one might refer to his or her Deity as so long as that Deity provides positive, forward direction, as per UU-principles in our shared Covenant. Thus flows the river Peace, Hope, & Bright Blessings!Dwayne

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