Our Endowment Fund

About two decades ago, anonymous donors gave the Fellowship $20,000 toward an Endowment Fund with the stipulation that the principal could never be spent and the interest could not be used until the fund had reached at least $50,000. We placed it with a “socially responsible” fund, Calvert, which handles the investments of many churches and other public interests.

The fund has grown to $28,112 with very little attention from various Endowment Committees. This year, the committee decided to be more proactive in order to build the fund up to $50,000. This “Nice Stuff ReUse” sale is the first project to do this.

Proceeds will go to our Endowment Fund, which will be used in the future to keep up our building as an important art piece in Athens and provide leadership opportunities for our members. Anything you contribute to it, including the value of items for this sale, will live forever because donations to the Endowment or earnings for it (such as this sale) cannot be spent.

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