Our Heating System

Just wanted to let everyone know that our ancient old boilers have been restarted.

This time.

We are looking at replacing our antiquated system (the boiler was pretty used when installed in
the 70’s). It is an inefficient open flame boiler and so obsolete that fairly soon the only person in
our area who knows anything about servicing it will be retiring. We are really working on borrowed
time and the system could just completely fail at anytime, hopefully not in the middle of a January

We would like to replace it with modern ductless heat pumps that would reduce our heating costs
while also providing us with the bonus of air conditioning. We are looking to take any leftover
funds from the Building and Grounds this year and apply them to the purpose but it may not be enough.

I will try to keep you up to date on what is happening with our grand old building and this project.

Pat Gordon