Propose a Program for the 2018 UUA General Assembly

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2018 General Assembly: All Are Called
June 20-24, Kansas City, Missouri

Grounded in a deep belief that we are all prophets, Unitarian Universalists ask, “How can we faithfully meet the demands of our time?” The call to witness and act for justice in our society and in the world is clear. So, too, is the call to examine our structures and practices, dismantling and transforming those which fail to recognize the full humanity of all people and to honor the interdependent web of life.  Join us in Kansas City as we dive deeply into questions of mission for our Unitarian Universalist Association, for our congregations and communities, and for each of us as individuals. Together, we’ll ask:

  • Who and how are we called to be at this time, individually and collectively?
  • How are we called to act and to live?
  • How does our Unitarian Universalist  legacy strengthen us in living out our mission or challenge the fulfillment of our call?

The call of our faith has a place for each of us. Join us in Kansas City to build courageous, collective leadership with tools, skills and connections.

Proposing Programs for General Assembly

The proposal deadline is Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017 at 3 PM EDT. Find detailed information about proposing a program for General Assembly. Complete and submit the program proposal form by Wednesday, November 1 at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

Program selection will be guided by these questions:

  1. Who and how are we called to be in this time? How can we grow healthy, vibrant leader-full congregations, grounded in mission and willing to take faithful risks to more fully live into our calling? How can leadership in the areas of religious education, stewardship, governance, membership and others nurture and support mission focus in congregations? Programs which emphasize concrete skills for congregational and community leadership are especially needed.
  2. How are we called to act in response to the challenges of our time? What capacities do we need to strengthen and hone? What skills and approaches will help us better partner with others, accepting direction from those most directly impacted by systems of oppression and injustice? How do we nurture spiritual resilience for the long haul?
  3. What can we mine from our Unitarian Universalist legacy, theology, history, and tradition that will strengthen and sustain us in living out our mission? What guidance can we lift up from contemporary Unitarian Universalists whose identities and perspectives have not historically been at the center of our faith? In what ways does our legacy present challenges and impediments to answering our call- and what shall we do to address them?