Pub Night invites YOU April 19

By Laura Patton

The Membership Committee is excited to bring Pub Night to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Friday, April 19, beginning at 7 p.m. Be prepared to form teams for “Pub Trivia,” to have some laughs playing board games, and to unwind to live music provided by Wormz and the Decomposers.

Some nonalcoholic beverages will be provided along with a few snacks. If you are interested in enjoying some libations, know that this is a BYOB function. If you are able, please bring an appetizer/finger food to be enjoyed by attendees.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there! Please feel free to invite friends and family. All are welcome.



    Why keep showing 2013 events? Perhaps you could archive them and reference us to them, after we view 2014 social events.
    Like this: On April 18 at the Athens county courthouse, I’ll stand with poster to protest Good Friday school closing then.
    Anybody want to join me?
    Also, Eliot Kalman and I will protest the “church directory” box that Athens county commissioners refuse to remove. They say we have nothing to do with the object. The bulky, white, irrelevant, empty ‘church directory’ belongs to Athens County Ministerial Association. But member Rev.Evans said he thinks the directory belongs on the government building!!!
    Anybody want to join our letter-writing campaign to the commissioners to argue the state-church issue and Establishment Clause, plus the REALLY UGLINESS of that bos?
    ……let me know if you’ll be at either or both events to my email, and I’ll keep in touch daily leading up to the April 19 protest. Eliot and I have written several letters to the commissioners. Chris Chmeil is our “champion” — he says the case is “bulky.”
    …..Give a nod to Thomas Paine, fellow/sister UU’s! — John

  2. John Spofforth

    Are any UUs keen on joining Eliot Kalman and me to protest the presence of the Church Directory mounted on the Athens county courthouse wall? If so, please send your letters to Athens County Commissioners, 15 South Court Street, Athens, OH 45701. You can find their email addresses at their Internet site. Eliot’s and my argument is that the Directory violates the First Amendment’s doctrine of ‘separation of church and state.’ We ask, Why isn’t the Directory posted instead on the property of any of the 6 churches or other private buildings in Athens’s uptown area? The ideal spot for the Directory would be at United Campus Ministry property. Currently, I seek input on this issue from Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) of which I am a member. I’m also contacting Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Commissioner Lenny Eliason has contacted the ACLU of Ohio for input, but to date (Dec. 12) has not received a reply. I contacted the American Humanist Association, but they declined for “lack of staff” — which I think is because the Directory issue is not a big issue matter for them.

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