Services for August 2013

Sunday, August 4 @ 10:30am
Ritual: “Celebration of the Grain Harvest” by Sonja Coble & Charlene Suggs
Join us for the ritual of Lughnasadh or Lammas. This was the pastoral festival of the grain harvest. Weather permitting, this ritual will be held in the grove.

Sunday, August 11 @ 10:30am
Service: “The Fires of Creation – Reflections on Creativity and the Power of Art” by Jim Scott
Jim Scott will offer poetry and songs on the creative process and its transformative and healing powers. Creativity is the alternative to violence, alienation, addiction and disempowerment. Reclaiming our creative voices has great social and political influence. We can change the course of history, and we begin by imagining.

Composer, guitarist and singer Jim Scott is our special guest today.  Several of his songs are in our UU Hymnbooks, and he’s visited more than 600 UU churches.  Jim helped create the Green Sanctuary program, and went on to assemble the “Earth and Spirit Songbook,” a great contribution to our worship and RE resources.  Formerly a member of the Paul Winter Consort and co-composer of their Missa Gaia/Earth Mass, Jim has toured the world, recorded a number of CDs and published a growing line of choral works.  He recently won the UU Silliman Anthem Contest for his choral piece “I Am Waiting.”

We can thank him for coming today by visiting his table of CDs and books at Coffee hour. After hearing him today, I’m sure you’ll want to take some of his work home with you.

Sunday, August 18 @ 10:30am
“Reflections on UUSI” by Erik Peterson
Having just returned from the UU Summer Institute, Erik Peterson will share his experience of the greater UU community. Expect music, laughter and discussions of our place within a diverse and loving family.

Sunday, August 25 @ 10:30am
“Victims of ‘Justice'” by Dr. Gifford B. Doxsee
“With more than 10 years of experience with the Kairos Prison Ministry, Dr.
Gifford B. Doxsee has learned that the weakest link in our national penal
system comes at the moment a prisoner is released. Our society desperately
needs many more halfway houses, or facilities where released prisoners can
go and stay while relearning the ways of surviving in our complex society.
Dr. Doxsee will reflect on this issue and incorporate insights offered by
Michelle Alexander in her recent book ‘The New Jim Crow'”