Social Action Update – submitted by Lois Whealey

Spring is here–hurrah! April 6 was Justice Sunday this year for the UUSC. The current theme promotes “Planting the seed of justice.”

The idea is not only literally to prepare our personal gardens, but also to support the tire gardens program in Haiti. The UUSC partner there has won an award for this project.

After a recent Sunday service, some Fellowship members discussed possible local social justice action emphases. More “hands on” and less “giving money” were suggested. Planting a garden locally could be a good possibility to help provide food to alleviate local hunger.

Speaking of the UU Service Committee, thanks to all who donated to “Guest at Your Table.”

The monthly newsletter for the UU Justice Ohio Network has been posted on the bulletin board in February and March. Please check out UUJO.

Don’t forget to celebrate April, Earth Month, and especially April 22, the 44th Earth Day. How are you helping your Mother Earth?

The first May Finals/Graduation arrives soon at Ohio University. So enjoy International Week and the  Athens Film Fest ASAP.