Services for September 2013

September 1@10:30am
“Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman” presented by Pat Gordon
For Labor Day we will be presenting a 24 minute documentary on the life and legacy of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones. Mother Jones was an early 20th century labor organizer whose influence shaped the course of the labor movement.

September 8@10:30am
“Ingather and Water Communion” by the Programming Committee
Each fall we come together after our summer travels to welcome each other home. If you gathered water, don’t forget to bring it! Even if you didn’t bring back water, we’re sure that you have a special story to share. After the service we will be having a very special heritage potluck, where we ask that you bring a dish made from a family recipe.

September 15@10:30am
“Couchsurfing Around the World” by Alexa Ross
Alexa spent nine months couchsurfing in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia, some 30 countries. Please join us as she shares the highlights of this experience.

September 22@10:30am
“The End of the Long Summer: An Autumn Equinox Ritual” led by Paul Patton & Michael Pistrui
Autumn Equinox marks the end of summer, a day of perfect balance between the light and the dark, and the beginning of the season when night will conquer over the day. During this ritual service, we will question how we can stand in a state of balance in an age of environmental degradation, ecological upset and global climate change. We will reflect on the importance of earth-centered spirituality and achieving balance through action.

September 29@10:30am
“Spirit and Law” by Steve Hays
One of the ways that you would be considered a “good” person was if you followed the law. Steve Hays, Professor of Religion, will talk to us about the early Christians, which defied this notion by examining the messages of Jesus and Paul, who favored the trusting of spirit instead.