Upcoming Sunday Services

Nov 24th,

2013 UUSC Guest at Your Table Program.

Lois Whealey will talk about this year’s Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s Guest at Your Table program–an annual tradition in which congregation members learn about people with whom the UUSC is working. This year, GaYT features people who have empowered others to realize their human rights.  By celebrating Guest at Your Table, we nurture a spirit of gratitude and “justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.”

Dec 1st

Melting Pot, Rainbow, or Mosaic?  21st Century U.S. Immigration.

Howard Tolley Professor Emeritus University of Cincinnati,  2012-13 Co-Chair UU Justice Ohio, and Social Justice Chair, St. John’s UU Church, Cincinnati will give the talk entitled: Melting Pot, Rainbow, or Mosaic?  21st Century U.S. Immigration.  Competing visions of our national identity pit proponents of immigrants’ full assimilation against multiculturalists who promote ethnic subgroups.  Should UUs “standing on the side of love” work for an integrationist common ground?  How can Ohio UUs promote immigrant friendly cities?