UUFA Annoucements and Greensheet for June 12, 2018

UUFA Greensheet & Announcements for June 12, 2018 

Thanks to Rev. Don Rollins for this past Sunday service on the Black Lives UU movement and mission. The 2nd sunday potluck was also enjoyed by all. Following potluck the UUFA board meet both current and new leaders for 2.5 hours ! More details to come soon.  Many thanks and kudos to this past years leadership  – Patrick Gordon, Fred Snell, Fred Woodley, Kate Mitchell, Dave May, Brian Richards and Barb Harrison.

UUFA Executive Committee for 2018 – 2019 – lots of opportunity for involvement !  Let us know now you’d like to be involved this coming year .  

Brian Richards, President

Barb Harrison , President-Elect

Board Members:

Katie Evans

Fred Woodley

Susan Westenbarger

Roberta Roberson

Committee Leadership positions open as of now:




Programming Chair

Membership  Chair

Communications (Greensheet, Social Media, etc…)

Social  Action

UUFA community turns out to support Athens Pride Parade and Rally this past Saturday, June 9

Athens celebrated it’s first LGBTQ Pride parade and rally this past Saturday ,June 9th.  Members of the UUFA were present and walked in the parade and hosted an info. table at Scripps halls during the rally portion of the event.  UUFA members present were, Brian Richards & Danielle Corbin and their daughters, Roberta & Jessie Roberson, Barb Harrison & Pat Gordon, Katie Evans and Dean Davis.  Thanks to all who came out to show great support for our community.  


RE News 

submitted by Wenda Sheard, RE Director UUFA

Religious Exploration News

After one Sunday with no children, and this Sunday with only two little ones present at the usual “sing the children downstairs” time of the service, Richard Thieret and Wenda Sheard decided to postpone any more planned RE lessons until school resumes in the fall.

Please, however, continue to bring your little ones to UUFA on Sunday mornings. We will still have fun and build community, even without planned RE lessons.

This week the little ones had gigantic fun playing and getting horribly messy with salt-flour clay and food coloring while hiding quietly with Wenda under the potluck table. Best RE Class Ever! (RE = Religious Explorations.) That was true even though the class had no “R” and tons of “E.” Thank you to Katie Evans and Danielle Corbin for helping clean up the Biggest Mess Ever.

Below are the names of UUFA members who have signed up so far to do childcare (and/or lessons?) this summer. Because every UU “working with children safety policy” we’ve ever read says we need to have two adults present at all times, we need to have two adults present in order to have the children downstairs.

The sign-up clipboard will go around again this coming Sunday—please do sign up for some fun. Hint: Ask the children to teach you about The Love Bowl—it’s our downstairs, child-friendly version of Joys and Sorrows. Explore all the supplies we have downstairs for impromptu fun. Any questions? Call Wenda. Thanks.

Childcare / RE volunteers so far this summer:

June 17th – Natalie B. & Wenda

June 24th – Linda H. & Wenda
July 1st – ? ?
July 8th – JCR & RR
July 15th – David W. & Wenda
July 22nd – M. Nagy & Wenda
July 29th – M. Nagy & Wenda
August 5th – ?
August 12th – ?
August 19th – ?
August 26th – ?

What’s Happening This week at UUFA

Celebrating Summer Solstice – 11:00 am Sunday, 10:30 am coffee/tea available with Katie Evans and Brian Richards