UUFA Announcements for January 23, 2018

Good Afternoon UUFA Members and Friends,

Many thanks to Brian Richards for this past Sunday’s service on “Identity in a Post Modern World”.

Kudos and congratulations to Je’ Hooper our children’s RE instructor who was the featured presenter at the Ohio University Dr. King week celebration event for faith communities. His talk on Tuesday, January 16th entitled “Nationhood: A Communal Affirmation of Our Truth” was well received.

Thanks also to the UUFA members and friends who supported the Athens Womens March this past Saturday, January 20th.  UUFA served as a co-sponsor and together with community members created a passionate and powerful space for expressing our collective dreams for social justice.

For more information on the event please follow this link to the Athens News article.


Here’s What’s Happening at UUFA this week

Choir Rehearsal – Tuesday, January 23 – 7:00 – 8:00 pm – all voices are welcome !

Eco Justice – Sunday, January 28 –  11:00 am – Please join us for our weekly service. Wenda Sheard will facilitate service this week on the topic of Eco Justice sharing with us her experience as a trained leader with the Al Gore Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

Coming Soon 

Appreciative Inquiry Process for UUFA – The UUFA Executive Committee invites all members to participate in the AI process.  Rev. Don Rollins will guide us in an exploration of our identify as a congregation. AI encourages sharing our “story” as a fellowship community.  Appreciative Inquiry is a process that allows organizations to discover the best and most valuable narratives and qualities of teh organization. Participants can construct a new way linking the best of the past and creating hopeful images for the future.

Please check your inbox soon for a letter of invitation to join and to learn about how you can be involved.  In order the AI to be successful at UUFA we need everyone’s participation.  For more information please reach out to Barb Harrison (barbunday@gmail.com) or Wenda Sheard (

UUFA Executive Committee retreat for Saturday, February 10 at the fellowship from 11:30 am– 4:00pm.  Members are  encouraged to bring a potluck dish to share.  Open to all members!

SAVE THE DATE – UUFA Annual Meeting 2018 – Sunday, April 8th


Unitarian Universalist Association News

Introducing ‘Side with Love,’ a more accessible public witness campaign

UUA’s public witness campaign changes name after criticism that ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ privileged able-bodied people.





UU Women’s Rights Group:   

UU Social Action Opportunity to Connect – New National secret Face Book group – UU Women’s Rights Group. This is an opportunity initiated by Karen Nichols 

From Karen’s email:

“Earlier last year I started a Women’s Rights Action Group at my congregation.  I am attaching our end of year newsletter “Gazette” to show what we have been up to and what I am hoping on a nationwide level will be the types of things that can be shared on the FB page.

I looked around FB for a national UU Women’s group to connect for ideas, learn about how others are organizing and more importantly as a reminder that there are other like-minded people but I couldn’t find one that fit my idea so after talking to a few folks including our minister, I decided to create one myself.

It was created as a “secret” group to reduce any trolls etc as people can only be added by another already in the group.  If you would like to be added, let me know and just send me your email address that is used on FB and I will have an invitation sent out to you right away.

Once in the group you can directly add any of your UU friends who you know would be interested. If you are not interested but think you know someone who might be, just have them send me their Face Book email address at: kbbingo@hotmail.com and I will send them an invite.