UUFA Announcements for March 27 2018

Good Morning UUFA Community !

Many thanks to Katie Evans for this past Sunday service on “The Stuff of Our Lives” and to the AI team (Wenda Sheard, Katie Evans, Susan Westenbarger, Natalie Barman and Jessie Roberson) for leading us in our final step of the AI process with the large group meeting. Thanks to all who participated as this will help clarify what we value as a community and lead us into our bright future.

Here is what’s happening this week at UUFA

Choir RehearsalTONIGHT – 7:00 pm ,March 27th ! All voices are welcome. Please attend rehearsal if you’d like to perform with the choir for our April performance on Sunday, April 22nd when we sing “This We Know”.

“The Many Faces of Yeshua ben Yosef: Part Time Carpenter” – Sunday, April 1, 11:00 am – coffee time beginning at 10:30 am – Examining the myths of a man who is said to have lived in Galilee in Palestine millennia ago. What is myth, what is symbol, what is psychosis ? As UU’s we need to examine all aspects of a phenomena and learn to divorce the marketing from the reality and we will be doing that this Easter.

Children’s RE Presents: “Viking Fun” beginning Sunday, April 1st !

Other UUFA News

Annual Meeting Reminder:  Our annual meeting is Sunday, April 8th and  we need your help to prepare for next year in two ways:
First your pledge forms are needed. As you know our  stewardship. drive is underway and we need members to submit pledges so that we can estimate our projected funds and develop our budget. If we can’t estimate funds then we cannot submit it for a vote at the meeting. Without a guaranteed budget the board will be unable to plan for next year – including contracts for Minister, Choir Director, and RE assistance; building and grounds maintenance; and a whole number of things we take for granted (I personally am happy for the paper supplies in the restrooms). Pledge forms are available at the fellowship and one will be emailed to all members later today.
Opportunity for leadership – Our nominating committee has put together an excellent slate of leaders for next year.  Thanks to those of you who have stepped up and agreed to take on a leadership role.  We still need a President -Elect for the fiscal year 2018 .  The person in this role will take on the UUFA presidency in July 2019 after serving on the board for a year beginning July 2018. Please contact Pat Gordon if interested at: president@uuathens.org