UUFA Greensheet and Announcements for June 26 , 2018 – special note: UUFA as co-sponsor of Athens Rally to protest separation of families – Friday June 29 – 8-10 pm Civil War Monument OU

UUFA Greensheet and Announcements for June 26, 2018

Many thanks to Katie Evans for leading us in a re-broadcast of UUA General Assembly in Kansas City, MO this past Sunday !   

What’s Happening this week….

Friday, June 29 – 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm –  Rally/March to protest “Separating Families”  – Civil War Monument , College Green, Ohio University Athens , OH – We must continue to speak out against the ongoing separation of children from families from ICE raids and deportations in our region, and from the devastating separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border.  UUFA is co-sponsoring this event.  

What can you do ?  Attend ! Serve as volunteer march marshall or chant leader see information below:

1. Marshals: Our biggest need right now is to have march marshals. Marshaling entails walking along the edge of the crowd and directing people along the route. If any issues arise (i.e. a marcher gets dehydrated, a heckler starts yelling at the crowd) you will have instructions on how to address the situation and get in touch with organizers/other marshals. This might sound intense, but given how short the march will be, it shouldn’t be too difficult. As a marshal, you can still participate fully in the march and chant along with the rest of us. Bill Burke will be lead marshal. 
2. Chant leaders: We also need a few people to disperse throughout the crowd who will be in charge of leading chants and encouraging people to participate. 
If you or anyone in your organization can help with either of these roles, please email, call or text me. My email is katherine.king13@gmail.com and my number is 859-466-3325.

Sunday, July 1st – 11:00 am –  “What is Freedom”  with Brian Richards.  We hope you can join us for our weekly service. Coffee/tea available beginning at 10:30 am

UUFA approaches new leadership year as of July 1, 2018

We extend a heartfelt THANKS to the  UUFA  leaders for your courageous work in our congregation this past year.  Please join in extending thanks to the following individuals next time you see them. Some of the leaders listed below will be returning to positions but others will be stepping down and away from leadership as indicated next to their name.

Pat Gordon, President (Stepping down from leadership)

Kate Mitchell, Treasurer (Stepping down from leadership)

Barb Harrison, Recorder & communications (stepping down from committee on ministry moving into Pres-Elect position)  

Fred Snell, Sexton (stepping down from leadership) 

David May, member at large (stepping down from leadership)

Brian Richards, member at large (moving into President position)

Fred Woodley, member at large (continuing on as member at large)

Roberta Roberson, programming chair for 15 + years (stepping down from programming and committee on ministry & moving into board member at large position)

Amber May, membership committee chair (stepping down from leadership) 

Don Shamblin, endowment (continuing on endowment) 

Natalie Barman, endowment (continuing on endowment)

Dru Evarts, endowment (stepping down from leadership) 

Wenda Sheard, RE director (continuing next year in same role)

Robin BarnesCommittee on Ministry (continuing)

Jeremy BowmanCommittee on Ministry (continuing)


Welcome new UUFA Leaders for 2018-19 

Susan Westenbarger, Executive Committee member at large
Katie Evan, Executive Committee member at large
Jessie Roberson, Endowment Committee Chair
Jackie Warmke, Committee on Ministry


  • If you have an interest in serving in a leadership role at UUFA please contact Brian Richards to learn more !  Open positions available include; treasurer, sexton, recorder, communications , programming chair, membership chair.