UUFA Greensheet – February 1, 2024

Celebration of Imbolc / Candlemas and the Promise of Spring – Sunday, February 4

Please join us Sunday at 11:00 AM for a morning of celebration and light crafting! We will recognize the season that reminds us that spring is just around the corner. We celebrate the health and happiness we have enjoyed over the winter and look forward to the growing season.   * Craft opportunities include making a Brigids  Cross and planting Marigold seeds.  Service leadership team – Nellie Werner, James Dolan, Roberta Roberson and Barb Harrison

Member Giving Statements Sent Out – submitted by Treasurer, Susan Westenbarger

The Fellowship’s 2023 tax statements have been sent via email to everyone who gave an identifiable contribution to the Fellowship. Thank you for your support of the Fellowship and our mission!
If you did not receive your statement via email, please contact Treasurer Susan Westenbarger who can provide a hard copy or retry email.
Susan can be reached at suusanw.uu@gmail.com or 240-305-0860 (voice or text.)
Opportunity for Serving Others in Athens Community 

Is your calendar clear for Saturday evening, Feb. 10  – 10PM – ?  Why not volunteer to be a safe driver for those attending the SouthEast Ohio Rainbow Alliance’s –  3rd Annual Lover’s Masquerade. The event will be held at Arts West (132 W State St., Athens, OH 45701)  As an gesture of support UUFA members willing will give safe rides home after the party.  Thanks to Susan Westenbarger, our SEORA representative for bringing this opportunity forward.  Please contact Susan if you are able to give rides. suusanw.uu@gmail.com  240-305-0860 (voice or text.)

30 Days of Love

This Week:

Embodiment LGBTQIA+, Gender & Reproductive Justice

“Blessed are you, NAMELESS AND INFINITE, who made us in your image and reminds us that all bodies are sacred and holy.”

These words from Queer Morning Blessings – a creation of healing and ritual by Dori Midnight & Randy Furash-Stewart – are an adaptation of the Jewish tradition of Birkot haShachar, or Blessings of the Dawn.  As Dori Midnight writes in describing their creation, these blessings were born out of a “deep longing for a morning practice – something to ground us, hold us, delight us, center us, awaken us to the miracle of life, something that will remind us that we are alive, that being in a body is a gift, that will be a resource for the rest of the day, no matter what we must face.”

Grounding ourselves into a deep gratitude for the miracle of our bodies – however they look, move, and interact with the world around us – includes not only a celebration of our individual physical beings, but also a deep reverence for the intimacy of our connections.  After all, our bodies do not exist in a vacuum – we physically interact with countless structures, systems, and communities each day that impact, and are impacted by, our flesh, bones, and spirit.  For some of us, these interactions are predominantly empowering moments of welcome and respect. And for some of us, we encounter confusion, denial, and outright rejection as our norm.

As Unitarian Universalists, we have historically embraced the breadth of our lived experiences of the world as a faithful teacher, crossing the permeable barrier between sacred and profane to deepen our embodiment of liberating and life-affirming holy truths.  From the development and use of the Our Whole Lives Curricula in our sanctuaries and classrooms, to (re)naming ceremonies celebrating self-proclaimed identities, to accompanying our siblings receiving essential reproductive care – our faith has a rich history and ongoing commitment to lifting up the sacredness of all bodies.  Even, and especially, when those systems, structures, and communities with which our bodies regularly interact violently try to tell us otherwise.

This week, as we remind ourselves of the miracle of our individual and collective bodies, let us find ways to embody for ourselves some of the most essential truths of our shared faith. May our private and shared rituals reflect Love’s teachings that:

  • All bodies are sacred.

  • All bodies are worthy of the particular care and resources they need to thrive.

  • All bodies are connected to systems, structures, and communities that they can reshape into life-affirming and liberatory reflections of love.

“Blessed are you, WEAVER OF BEING, who shaped the human being with wisdom, making for us all the openings and vessels of the body.  It is known that we are miracles and all bodies are miracles.” – Queer Morning Blessings

May we remember and live into the values of our faith, embodying our collective power as we create communities of care, affirmation, and celebration.

In spirit and practice, Rev. Ranwa Hammamy Congregational Justice Organizer

This coming at UUFA:  

Tuesday Feb 6 – 10AM Zumba – Instructor Kim Brown, be prepared to make donation and pay instructor (nominal fee)

Tuesday Feb 6 – 6:30 PM Choir – All Voices Are Welcome !

Thursday Feb 8 – 4:40 PM Zumba -Instructor Kim Brown, be prepared to make donation and pay instructor (nominal fee)