UUFA Greensheet – February 29 2024

Greetings on this LEAP Day , 2024


Social Action Opportunity Locally:  Saturday, March 2nd at 7:00 pm- Vigil for Nex Benedict

If you have not heard about the death of Nex Benedict, they are a non-binary teen from  Owasso High School in Oaklahoma. Nex died on February 8th . Nex was in a physical altercation in a bathroom in the school on Feb. 7, 2024.  After the incident, Nex was taken for a medical check-up to be sure they were OK.  While they were in the hospital, Police officers spoke to them and they indicated that they “were being picked on by three girls” because of the way they dress.  The death is under investigation. (source: BBC.com)

Read more about this incident here:


We hope you will join other UUs to remember and stand up for Nex and their loved ones.

Here is more information about the vigil in town on Saturday evening.





Sunday Service, March 3, 2024

Please join us for Sunday service entitled “The History of Your Life”- 11:00 AM 
Richard Theiret will lead us in a conversation about the nature and history of life on earth. What is known about how life developed and makes us all part of “the interdependent web of all existence.”  We hope you will join us Sunday!

UU The Vote – final 30 days of LOVE focus ! 

Please join the UUFA team that will be part of the UU The Vote initiative .  Barb has registered us for the 2024 Zoom launch on March 14th at 7pm.  If there is enough interest , we could meet at the fellowship hall and watch the launch together.  Please let Barb know if you’d like to join in person on March 14.  barbunday@gmail.com or 740-707-6197.  A sign up sheet will also be posted at the fellowship.  The link that follows will provide more information about how you can become involved in UU the Vote.




  UUFA Updates:

Annual Meeting Reminder –  Sunday, April 21  – Noon — 1:00 PM  – in person at UUFA.  See Richard Theiret for more information.

Pledge Drive – following our Annual Meeting we will engage in our annual pledge drive.  We will vote and approve a budget as a congregation on April 21st.  Our next step as a congregation is to be sure to “raise” the funds we have agreed upon.  Jessie Roberson will lead us in our annual plege drive.  Please consider what your contributions can be next year and then together we are sure to arrive as a reasonable number !! Right 🙂  Thank you all for your support of our congregation.