UUFA Greensheet – January 18, 2024

Please join us for this Sunday service:

A Hope-Filled Love 

In the midst of all of the challenges in the world, hope is an important ingredient to foster social change (that is, to demonstrate Love).

We hope you’ll join us Sunday at 11:00.  184 Longview Hts., Athens, OH 45701 –
We welcome all    Service Leader Pete Mather
UUFA Annual Meeting Date is Set – SAVE THE DATE Please April 21 – Noon – 1:00 UUFA – 184 longview hts. , Athens, oh


Each year our fellowship community holds an annual, all member meeting. The purpose is to connect at least once per year as a fellowship to vote on our annual budget, leadership changes and any relevant business of the fellowship that the board brings forward. Our President-Elect is responsible for the Annual Meeting each year so this means Richard Thieret will take your questions or suggestions for the annual meeting !  Thank you Richard.
Members will receive the annual meeting materials at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting.   We have positions open for the following leadership positions , who will begin their year of service on July 1, 2024. If you are interested or wish to nominate another member please speak with Richard.
Voting members must make an identifiable contribution at least two weeks or more prior to the meeting for this fiscal year.   Other board members can also answer general questions about serving on the board and what it entails.  Please reach out to :  Barb Harrison, Richard Thieret, Susan Westenbarger, Jessie Roberson, Marilyn Zwayer, Andy Ray, Roberta Roberson and Nellie Werger.
Positions to be voted upon at April 21st meeting: 
President-Elect – 24-25
At large board position #3 (2 year term)
At large board position #4 (2 year term)
We hope you can attend in person following service on Sunday, April 21st from Noon – 1:00 PM.
Annual Pledge Drive – Beginning April 21st ! –  Jessie Roberson will take the lead for our annual pledge drive again this year. Thank you Jessie 🙂 In the coming months we will learn more about how we can each contribute to our fellowship community .