UUFA News May 4 2024

We Remember them….

Kent State University Shootings of May 4 1970

In memory of the students who lost their lives practicing their civil right to protest in the United States of America.  Four young students lost their lives.


Beltane :  Dancing the Maypole & Celebrating with song

Please join us tomorrow (May 5th) at 11:00 AM for weekly service.

We will observe the arrival of mid-spring! We will celebrate in song and dance.

All are welcome to participate in dancing or observing as you wish.  We welcome the days of warmth and sunshine and are fairly sure winter is over !


  New Recovery from addiction, Healing Group held on Fridays at 7pm 

Please join Marina Philips-Kisse on Fridays at 7pm here at the UUFA sanctuary to engage in a healing group.   All are welcome.


The Sea of
Moral Injury

By Karen G. Johnston

“We are swimming in this stream together / Some in power and some in pain/…We’re all swimming to the other side.”
—Pat Humphries, “Swimming to the Other Side”

Here I am again, stopped at a traffic light, a sea of cars surrounding me, a handful of vehicles ahead of me. Stationed on the median strip, someone visibly in need, likely unhoused, walks the line of momentarily-stopped cars, cardboard sign in hand, asking for money.

I find myself praying. Not thefor their wellbeing. Not for solutions to our broken housing system. Instead, I perversely pray that the light will change before they arrive at my rolled-up window. read on….



Central East Region Updates and Opportunities:

Please visit the following link to find our more about what is happening in our UU Region (Central East)