UUFA Newsletter – June 6, 2024


Investigating faith traditions

Come to the UUFA Sunday, June 9, 11:00 am and listen to, and participate in the discussion of the wide variety of faith traditions found in those attending.  After discussing our varied religious backgrounds and the principles that underpin those backgrounds, discussion will focus on the UU principles and values that underpin the UUA. UUA’s principles and values are being revised and modernized this year, and we hope members and non members alike are interested in how the UUA is changing as the world changes.   We welcome Richard Thieret and Pete Mather as our service leaders.
Join UUs at Athens Pride Month Celebration this Saturday, June 8th
Please join members of our fellowship on Saturday to march in the Athens Pride march followed by tabling on OU campus .
Susan Westenbarger has agreed to lead us on Saturday as our SEORA rep.  Let’s turn out to show our support !!
Meet all those marching in the parade on the OU Campus on Court St., just outside of the Baker University Center beginning at 10:00 AM – parade begins at 11:00 AM.
Join UUs at the Athens Juneteenth Celebration on June 22nd – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – College Green
Please join us at our UUFA table at the Juneteenth celebration on June 22.  We will be sharing information about Unitarian Universalism and have an opportunity to be creative in having interactive components of our table- if you’d like to help brainstorm ideas for our table or have time to spare that afternoon  – please contact Barb Harrison – barbunday@gmail.com
UUFA Happenings: 
Saturday June 15th – UUFA Executive Committee meeting – 10:30 – Noon via Zoom – let Barb Harrison know if you’d like to attend !
Sunday June 16th – Sunday Service  –  “In Honor of Fathers Day “
Sunday June 23 – Sunday Service – “General Assembly  – Sunday Service livestream”  – 1:00 PM the fellowship.  We will have a potluck beginning at Noon that same day – please bring a dish to share !  It would be very helpful if you would kindly label the ingredients in your food on a card or note paper – thanks so much!
Sunday June 30th – Sunday Service – “Being a Liberal Patriot”
Sunday July 7 – Sunday Service – “Art as a Spirituial Practice”
UUA Weekly Inspiration

Love in This Very Moment

By Sarah Pirtle

“It is essential to allow yourself to know what you know, instead of driving yourself to be”
—Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein, Yup’ik Elder and first certified traditional doctor in Alaska

I washed my hands carefully before entering the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where my newborn son fought for his life. He weighed only two pounds and was born three months early. I kept vigil by spending the whole day alongside him. He rested inside an isolette but I could extend my arms and contact him through two small holes. When I arrived and paused to wash my hands, I used that moment to pray and notice I was entering sacred ground.

An infant, lying on a bed and swaddled in a blanket, has their hand held by an adult. Their hands and part of their torso are all we see.

Machines whirred and brought air through tubes. The first day I’d watched parents trying to stroke their child’s arm through the opening. It was too much. The baby flared in self-protection, and they felt pushed away. How could I do this differently?

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