This Sunday at UUFA: [You Gotta Read the Whole Blurb. It’s Priceless.]

SUNDAY August 18, 2019 – A Spirituality of Existentialism: The Beauty in Making Your Own Meaning  Are your existential crises a bit of a drag? Finding ascribing meaning in a meaningless world less fun than a barrel of primates? Do you struggle with bad faith or think nihilism is for the birds? Join us at the UUFA this Sunday for an interpretation of the bright side of making your own meaning, the joy of adding some ethics to your ambiguity, and the pleasure in being insignificant in the grand scheme of things. This mostly pointless endeavor will be brought to you by Brian. Coffee 10:30am, Service 11:00am,  184 Longview Heights Road, Athens, Ohio 45701   

This week for children:  Recently retired teacher Marsha N. has volunteered to be with the children this Sunday, and welcomes a second volunteer. Newcomers welcome. Thanks!

Our Ingathering/Water Communion Service will be held on September 15, so please collect water from your summer travels and outings to share at the first service of the new fellowship year. Our Rev. Don Rollins will lead the service. Potluck to follow that Sunday, September 15th.

UUFA Leadership Meeting: We will hold our fall leadership start up meeting on Sunday, September 15th from 1-3 pm with Rev. Don Rollins. This meeting will include all leaders of UUFA. As always, all meetings are open to all members of the fellowship community. Stay tuned for more information shortly after Labor Day.

FUTURE SUNDAYS – Subject to change—your ideas welcome!
Next programming committee meeting will be online via ZOOM at 6pm Friday, September 8th. All welcome. Contacts: Katie, Brian, Wenda, and Susan.

Sunday, August 25th: Open Discussion: Spirituality and Health

Sunday, September 1st: TBA Guest Speaker?

Sunday, September 8th: “Welcoming NameTags”: A Lesson and Art Project

Sunday, September 15th: Ingathering & Water Communion Service and POTLUCK with Rev. Don Rollins

Sunday, September 22nd: Mabon with Roberta & Barb

Sunday, September 29th: Noelle Stroud & TBA (Re: Areas of Passion & New Ideas)

Sunday, October 6th: TBA Guest Speaker?

Sunday, October 13th: POTLUCK & Rev. Don Rollins

Sunday, October 20th: Andy Ray & Music

Sunday, October 27th: Samhain with Roberta & Barb

Sunday, November 3rd: TBA Guest Speaker?

HOW TO SUBMIT ITEMS FOR THE GREENSHEET:  Please email items to and put “Greensheet” in the subject line. New ideas, new columns, announcements, artwork, photographs, biographies, joys, sorrows, birthdays, anniversaries, and whatnot all welcome for possible inclusion in the Greensheet. Deadline for each week: Midnight Monday. Thanks!