The Old-Fashioned Way: Green Burial Options in Athens County


SUNDAY, AUGUST 30, 2020, 11am by Zoom

Cheryl Cesta

Wenda Sheard

Come learn about efforts to identify options for old-fashioned burials in Athens County. Cheryl Cesta and Wenda Sheard have been working in a small group to reach out to township trustees about allowing burials in a more natural way. Come learn about the environmental, emotional, and financial benefits of green burials.

This interactive Zoom service will include ample time for questions, as well as access to a packet of information that the group has been distributing to township trustees around Athens County. The service will include news of the article they wrote along with Athens County Assistant Prosecutor Zach Saunders for publication in the Ohio Township Trustees Association Magazine.

To Join the Zoom Meeting, first download the free Zoom app to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer and then clink on the following link:

Meeting ID: 823 6539 7153

To Join the Zoom Meeting by telephone only, dial one of the following phone numbers followed by the meeting ID and # as shown:


A friend of Andy Ray’s in Marietta, Andy Hall, who is a phenomenal drummer, wrote a song (without drums). His song, “Spoke the Tree,” really inspired peace for Andy Ray, so he decided to add percussion and a haiku to it. Andy Ray and Andy Hall both gave permission for us to share their work (with words below and with music in an MP3 file, attached to this Greensheet) with you here. Enjoy!

“Spoke the Tree”

Seeds so small, climb high.

Time spirals, leaves fall down.

Each day, spoke the tree.


Do you  and your loved ones have a “voting plan” for the November election ?
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can help a great deal.
Showing Up for Racial Justice – Southeast Ohio 
Seed Pod voter outreach
The Southeast Ohio Seed Pod will engage in voter outreach in Ohio and other swing states leading up to the November election,
as well as political education that combines the importance of electoral politics and long-term movements for racial justice.
Andrea Reany is leading the SURJ seed-pod voter group in our community . If anyone is interested in getting more involved please reply to Andrea’s suggestions here:
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Please also visit Seed the Vote to find ways to engage page that fits their schedule!

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