A Parking Lot Service: Giving and Receiving From Our Gardens


Sunday, August 9, 2020, 11am   This Sunday, we’ll be doing a brief PARKING LOT service outside our UUFA building, 184 Longview Heights, Athens, Ohio.

EXTRA: Feel free bring, or prepare to adopt, extras from our gardens, including vegetables, flowers, bulbs, plants.  We hope you’ll join in our botanical giving and receiving spirit this Sunday.

Please park as directed when you arrive.  Wear a mask if you roll down your car windows or step outside your car.  Remember the building will be closed, so make sure to pee ahead of time. No bathrooms will be available. You’re welcome to bring coffee and a snack for yourself.

Purpose: Simply to be in our space together once again and see each other and our building in 3D. There will singing, from a distance, of course. Please respect everyone else’s personally preferred social distance (some of us prefer to stay 20′ away from others, even when wearing masks).  Please feel free to drive in for a few minutes, wave, and leave.

will meet on Saturday, August 15th at 2pm via Zoom.  All members are invited to attend.

THE UUFA PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE will meet this Sunday, August 9th at 7pm via Zoom.  All members are invited to attend.


Thanks again to Fred & Richard for removing the leaning tree. Editor’s Note: This is the only photo I have handy of the grove. Thanks to Diana for the photo.


A suggestion for some Sunday soon:  A program (with masks) in our grove, a space that used to be used by the CUUPS group. 

Another suggestion for a Sunday soon: A speaker via Zoom on the Defund the Police idea.

Yet another suggestion: A Zoom Sunday service focused on the UU the Vote program. There are UU speakers who are ready to present virtually on the topic and help us get motivated.

And one more:  A request from a member for “Prayers to the Seven Directions” led by Lois G., if she’s willing, to be held outdoors in our grove.

Your ideas?  Thanks in advance for letting us know your programming ideas. THE UUFA PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE will meet on Sunday, August 9th at 7pm via Zoom.  All members are invited to attend.


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