CANCELED: Christmas Eve Service

Due to inclement weather, we have cancelled our Christmas Eve Service.  Also, as previous planned, we will be CLOSED on Christmas Day.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas! Please join us on New Year’s Eve:


This Event is MASK OPTIONAL.

Come join us on Saturday night, New Year’s Eve, for some fun drumming, dancing, telling stories, and music. It’s a bardic drum circle for all. Feel free to bring drinks and snacks. The Circle starts at 7:00 and ends at 10:00, so it’s family fun as well. Shake a leg or booty and help us pre-welcome in the New Year. No charge but donations are welcome. Your Host: Pat McGee.


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Hello Friends! This is a personal message from Susan Westenbarger, not endorsed by the Fellowship board.
Did you know that the Athens Messenger and the formerly-independent Athens News are both now owned by the same company (APG Media of Ohio, which is a division of family-owned Adams Publishing Group which is headquartered in Minneapolis)? In other words, our “local” news sources are no longer local. Of course, the fields of news and journalism have changed a lot since the Internet came around. But it’s not unreasonable for Athenians to want news coverage from people who live in and know our community. Fortunately, we have a great truly-local news option: The Independent. Read on for more info and ways to support this endeavor!
A new source for local news

Earlier this year, the Athens County Independent launched to provide nonpartisan, public service journalism dedicated to our community. The Independent offers robust, comprehensive local news reporting with the intent of supporting informed civic engagement.

“I saw an opportunity to build a news operation around two key principles: that journalism’s first duty is to truth and its first loyalty is to its readers,” said the Independent’s co-founder and editor, Corinne Colbert. “This community has made clear that it wants a news outlet led by people who know and care about Athens County, and that is driven by the information needs of its residents. We’re working day-in and day-out to meet that need.”

Click here to sign up for the Independent’s newsletter and stay up to date on local news. You can also go the extra mile by supporting their work with a donation — currently, matching funds are available to make gifts go even further.



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The next UUFA board meeting will be SATURDAY January 14th at 10:30am by Zoom. All members are welcome to attend.


The next UUFA programming meeting will be Sunday, January 15th at 1pm by Zoom. More people, more music, more ideas all welcome! All members and friends are welcome to attend.