Children’s RE Update

In November, Jen Bowman transferred the leadership of the Religious Education committee to Natalie Barman.  Sarah Minkin and Ellie Andrews (teachers for the past few years) are not continuing as teachers due to busy schedules.  Erik Peterson will continue as a teacher with Natalie Barman.  On December 7, Jen Bowman and all teachers were recognized for their service to Children’s RE over the past few years.

The vision for Children’s RE for the New Year is to become more integrated with the adult portion of the congregation.  This will happen in a couple of ways.  We will continue having special services when the children participate fully with adults and Lynda Smith will continue to include Stories for All Ages during her services.   Programming and RE are planning ahead so the Children’s Service downstairs relate to the main topic upstairs.   We also envision times when adult congregants come down to share something special with the children.

To accomplish this vision, we need input from all those willing to help our young UU’s grow in community.   How can you help in this important process?    Please contact Natalie Barman with ways you might help.      317-902-8788

What Children’s RE did in December

Dec 7 – LOVE and Saying Goodbye – Recognized all teachers. Talked about love between friends and how that is not lost when we part.

Dec 14 – Hanukah – Learning the meaning of Hanukah.  Thank you to Jesse Roberson for making latkes for the children.

Dec 21 – JOY and how & why people around the world celebrate Christmas.

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve Service – Intergenerational service upstairs.

Dec 28 – HOPE –  recording memories from the past year and looking forward with HOPE.

Plans for January Children’s RE

Jan 4 – Lynda & story upstairs – Children’s service will focus on PEACE and Community.   We will explore what peace means and how we can make peace happen in our own little community.

Jan 11 – New Member Service upstairs – Children will be involved and recognized as an important part of our congregation.

Jan 18 – MLK Day and Standing on the side of Love – Children’s service will focus on ways that all humans are the same but also how individuals are unique.

Jan 25 – Focus on the concept of fairness in group decision making.   What do we do when we can’t have our own way.

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