February Children’s RE Update

In January, the children participated in the New Member Service by making a banner saying “Welcome to Our Fellowship”  and by singing “Make New Friends but Keep the Old”.   They enjoyed being part of the service and the adults enjoyed their contribution. In February, the services for children will continue to focus on “Standing on … [Read more…]

February 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

In attendance: Lynda Smith, Paul Patton, Jeremy Bowman, Michael Pistrui, Daniel Williams, Barb Harrison, Patrick Gordon, Jackie Warmke, Lois Whealey, Laura Mitchell, Roberta Roberson, Natalie Barman Call To Order: 12:10 Leadership Covenant read by members Review Prior Minutes: Motion to accept: Jackie, Seconded Natalie. No opposition. Minister’s Report: Don Rollins to preach here in May. He is also … [Read more…]

Children’s RE Update

In November, Jen Bowman transferred the leadership of the Religious Education committee to Natalie Barman.  Sarah Minkin and Ellie Andrews (teachers for the past few years) are not continuing as teachers due to busy schedules.  Erik Peterson will continue as a teacher with Natalie Barman.  On December 7, Jen Bowman and all teachers were recognized … [Read more…]

Youth Group Reconstitutes!

The youth program has started up again this month. We’ve created our covenant and began discussing issues of relevance to social justice and the importance of organizing for change. This coming month we’ll be learning more about important entities on the national level (such as the ACLU) and the local (such as UCM, Rural Action … [Read more…]

A Ton of Opportunities to Get Involved at the District and National Level

Leadership Days and Trainings Two Hands Clapping – OMD Leadership Conference Are you a congregational leader? Take this opportunity to join other congregational leaders in the OMD at this year’s Leadership Day on October 26, 2013 at the UU Church of the North Hills in Pittsburgh, PA. Details and registration available at http://www.ohiomeadville.org/omdevents/649-2013omdlead Fall Webinar … [Read more…]