February Children’s RE Update

In January, the children participated in the New Member Service by making a banner saying “Welcome to Our Fellowship”  and by singing “Make New Friends but Keep the Old”.   They enjoyed being part of the service and the adults enjoyed their contribution.

In February, the services for children will continue to focus on “Standing on the Side of Love” topics such as justice and a sense of fairness.   The children will contribute to the adult service at least once this month.

We welcome new children to join us at any time.  

February 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

In attendance: Lynda Smith, Paul Patton, Jeremy Bowman, Michael Pistrui, Daniel Williams, Barb Harrison, Patrick Gordon, Jackie Warmke, Lois Whealey, Laura Mitchell, Roberta Roberson, Natalie Barman

Call To Order: 12:10

Leadership Covenant read by members

Review Prior Minutes: Motion to accept: Jackie, Seconded Natalie. No opposition.

Minister’s Report: Don Rollins to preach here in May. He is also interested in becoming an Affiliated Community Minister (discussion re this process to happen at future date after Don preaches at UUFA)

Treasurer’s Report: Many evenings spent setting up books, accounts, procedures, processes. Big thanks to Laura, Michael, Patrick, and Jeremy!

Old Business

Annual business meeting planning underway.

Finance committee to get budgets from committees—by Feb 15th.

All info (budgets, agenda, etc) for the general business meeting needs to be with Roberta by Feb 18th.

New Business

Re bylaws, Paul: motion: board to have meeting with bylaw committee to discuss new bylaws. Seconded Roberta. No opposition.

UUA certification and vote on social justice issue due tomorrow: Laura motion to vote yes on Reproductive Justice issue. Lois seconded. No opposition.

Pat advised we have 50 voting members in the congregation.

Committee Reports

Programming/RE Natalie: Children’s program following SOTSL program. Natalie appreciates having children involved in upstairs Sunday programs. Long term planning underway. Need babysitter for young ones. Natalie to talk with Jessie about Adult RE. Natalie to put together a budget. Paul reports that programming is scheduled through June.

COM/Membership Membership: revisiting game day and considering other non-Sunday service activities.

Facilities/Endowment: Kitchen update underway. Paul motion, Natalie seconded to tour the proposed new kitchen space after meeting. No opposition. Clean up day went well. Patrick talked about budgets and future facilities projects—insulation, doors.

Standing on the Side of Love: Lois advised that $370 raised through Guest At Your Table.

Adjourn: Roberta motion, Barb seconded 1:45

Children’s RE Update

In November, Jen Bowman transferred the leadership of the Religious Education committee to Natalie Barman.  Sarah Minkin and Ellie Andrews (teachers for the past few years) are not continuing as teachers due to busy schedules.  Erik Peterson will continue as a teacher with Natalie Barman.  On December 7, Jen Bowman and all teachers were recognized for their service to Children’s RE over the past few years.

The vision for Children’s RE for the New Year is to become more integrated with the adult portion of the congregation.  This will happen in a couple of ways.  We will continue having special services when the children participate fully with adults and Lynda Smith will continue to include Stories for All Ages during her services.   Programming and RE are planning ahead so the Children’s Service downstairs relate to the main topic upstairs.   We also envision times when adult congregants come down to share something special with the children.

To accomplish this vision, we need input from all those willing to help our young UU’s grow in community.   How can you help in this important process?    Please contact Natalie Barman with ways you might help.      317-902-8788      nbarman14@gmail.com

What Children’s RE did in December

Dec 7 – LOVE and Saying Goodbye – Recognized all teachers. Talked about love between friends and how that is not lost when we part.

Dec 14 – Hanukah – Learning the meaning of Hanukah.  Thank you to Jesse Roberson for making latkes for the children.

Dec 21 – JOY and how & why people around the world celebrate Christmas.

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve Service – Intergenerational service upstairs.

Dec 28 – HOPE –  recording memories from the past year and looking forward with HOPE.

Plans for January Children’s RE

Jan 4 – Lynda & story upstairs – Children’s service will focus on PEACE and Community.   We will explore what peace means and how we can make peace happen in our own little community.

Jan 11 – New Member Service upstairs – Children will be involved and recognized as an important part of our congregation.

Jan 18 – MLK Day and Standing on the side of Love – Children’s service will focus on ways that all humans are the same but also how individuals are unique.

Jan 25 – Focus on the concept of fairness in group decision making.   What do we do when we can’t have our own way.

Youth Group Reconstitutes!

The youth program has started up again this month. We’ve created our covenant and began discussing issues of relevance to social justice and the importance of organizing for change. This coming month we’ll be learning more about important entities on the national level (such as the ACLU) and the local (such as UCM, Rural Action and CFI).

A Ton of Opportunities to Get Involved at the District and National Level

Leadership Days and Trainings

Two Hands Clapping – OMD Leadership Conference
Are you a congregational leader? Take this opportunity to join other congregational leaders in the OMD at this year’s Leadership Day on October 26, 2013 at the UU Church of the North Hills in Pittsburgh, PA. Details and registration available at http://www.ohiomeadville.org/omdevents/649-2013omdlead

Fall Webinar Schedule Available
Webinar offerings for this fall are being posted on the CERG website. Among the webinars scheduled are ones focused on Dealing with Resistance, From New Member to Committed Leader, RE Thematic Models, Developing Healthy RE Committees, Creating an Anonymous Visitors Program, Managing Learning Differences in RE, Training Greeters and Team Building Activities for Boards, Committees and Congregations. More to be added soon. Find details at http://www.cerguua.org/calendars/cergwebinars.html

Building Capacity for Authentic Diversity
Join us on January 18th in Wooster, OH For this new training. Each of us has culture–conscious and unconscious ways of being in the world. To become a truly multicultural faith, we need leaders who can build relationships effectively across difference including ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender, and more. Come learn about a model of understanding cultural competence which will help you learn these skills. Details and registration…

District Assembly 2014 will take place at the Avalon Hotel and Conference Center, Erie, PA March 28-29, 2014 with the Rev. Meg Barnhouse at the keynote speaker. Regionalization will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion. Put this date on your calendar, you won’t want to miss it!


Social Justice Opportunities & Resources

  • Looking for Social Justice activities for your youth or adults? Opportunities are available with the Sandy clean-up work. Contact Susan Karlson for details at skarlson@uuma.org. Read about their latest activities at the CERG website.
  • Interested in Social Justice Issues? Check out the uujusticeweb facebook page and uujusticeweb website.
  • UU Justice Ohio will host a Justice Assembly on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at the First UU Church of Columbus, OH from 10 am to 3 pm with a rally at the Ohio Statehouse to follow at 4 pm. Registration and details are available at the UUJO website. Lois is posting the September UUJO newsletter on the fellowship’s bulletin board.

Check out the UUSC College of Social Justice for lots of opportunities for social justice trips and activities for all ages.


RE Resources & News


 Youth Events

You can keep up with Youth News from the UUA in a variety of ways. Go to: http://www.uua.org/re/youth/know/index.shtml


Young Adult Events

  • Rocky Horror Overnight ~ October 5-6, 2013 ~ UU Society of Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, OH. For more information…
  • Fall Conference ~ November 15-17, 2013 ~ First Unitarian Church of Toledo, OH. For details…

You can keep up with Young Adult News in a variety of ways. Go to: http://www.uua.org/re/youngadults/know/index.shtml


UUA & National News & Events

  • The UUA is hiring. Find a listing of their open positions and details at the UUA website.
  • The UU History Convocation will be November 7-10, 2013 in Washington DC. Details and more at www.uucollegium.org/2013-convocation
  • Did you know? – The Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) offers weekly online worship. For times when you can’t get to church, now church will come to you. Join the spiritual expedition! Sundays at 8:00 pm and Mondays at 9 am and 1:30 pm (Eastern Time).

Check out what is new at the UUA bookstore, Beacon Press and Skinner House. Skinner House announces that many of their books are now available as ebooks.