Greensheet Weekly, 5/22/16-5/28/16

**This Week at the UUFA**

Sunday Service – Rev. Rod Thompson – “Our UU Forebears That We DON’T Talk About”

Sunday 11:00am – 12:30pm
In this sermon we’ll look at some of our religious predecessors that we don’t like to claim.  We readily claim many of our country’s founding fathers and mothers and other famous persons as Unitarians and or Universalists, but there are some equally famous persons that we don’t talk about.  Why?  Is it that we don’t know about them?  Or are we ashamed of them?  Join us and find out.  See you in church.
Rev. Thompson is the 2nd of our two candidates who’ve applied for our ¼ time minister’s position.  We will hold a 20 minute question and answer session immediately following service for members and friends who wish to stay.

CANCELED: Conscious Aging Group

Due to Rev. Lynda’s unavailability this Sunday, the Conscious Aging group will not meet. Conscious Aging will meet after service on Sunday, June 5, which will be Rev. Lynda’s last Sunday at UUFA. The group will discuss at that meeting whether to continue the series under lay leadership.

Choir Practice

Wednesday 8:15-10:00pm
All skill levels welcome. For more information contact Barb Harrison:


Minister Selection Meeting

UUFA voting members. Sunday, May 29 after service.

General Assembly 2016

UU General Assembly is going to be held in Columbus , OH this year – June 22-26. Please consider attending and or presenting to represent UUFA. At our annual meeting we will vote on sending our 2 delegates, but since it is so close this year perhaps we can have a greater attendance.

Save the Date – Nice Stuff Sale

The Endowment Committee has reserved the shelter house on East State st. near the Community Center for a yard sale Sat., Sept 3.

Please Submit Announcements

To be sure to be included in the weekly Greensheet post, email your announcements by Thursday at noon to If you miss this cutoff time, you may bring your announcement in writing to the service leader before service begins on Sunday, so he or she can announce it from the podium.


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  1. John Spofforth

    What is the UUF’s collective view on relegalizing the cannabis plant — marijuana and hemp — as it was prior to “The Marihuana Tax (stamp) Act of 1937. President Nixon’s own Shaeffer Commission recommended legalization. Nixon ignored their finding and placed marijuana (but not help) in his Schedule 1 alongside heroin and LSD. Wrongful rating. Marijuana perhaps could be placed in Schedule 4 alongside Valium. So, where is cancer-causing tobacco listed? It isn’t, yet it is a drug. Comments?

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