SPECIAL UUFA UPDATE: Annual Congregational Meeting & Minister Search Process Begins Sunday May 15th

Good Morning UUFA Members and Friends,

On behalf of the UUFA Executive Committee and the Minister Search Committee I’m writing to let you know about two important events happening at UUFA beginning next Sunday, May 15th. As you know, we will hold our annual congregational meeting on Sunday beginning at 12:30 p.m. at the fellowship.

In addition, we will be welcoming the first of our 2  minister candidates to present the morning’s message during service. We are pleased to welcome Rev. Don Rollins as our first candidate to the pulpit on Sunday.  Immediately following service we will hold a 20 minute question and answer session for all members to attend and ask questions of Rev. Rollins.  We will have a formal evaluation sheet available for everyone to give your feedback about the candidate to the search committee.  Due to this addition  we will hold our annual meeting a bit later than normal.

The second candidate Rev. Rod Thompson will hopefully speak to the congregation on May 22nd and the same process will be followed.  After the completion of the candidates talks we will schedule a special congregational business meeting (per our by-laws)  so that members can vote on the final candidate.  If all goes well we hope to have the process completed by mid June.  Beginning next Sunday we will place one copy of each candidates application at the fellowship for your review. In order to respect the confidentiality of our two candidates  we will not widely distribute or e-mail the applications.

Many thanks so far to the minister search committee members; Anne Cooper, Pat Gordon, Amber Miller, Jessie Roberson , Roberta Roberson for their work in setting the pace for this ambitious minister search process.

Please feel free to reach out to me, Barb Harrison if you have any questions or concerns about this process.  I can be reached at:

740-707-6197 (cell)

in community,

Barb Harrison

UUFA President


  1. Lois Whealey

    Barb, what was the date of the posting of the annual meeting information? Lois Whealey

    • Barbara Harrison

      Hello Lois and All,

      The annual meeting packet was sent via e-mail to all members on Sunday , May 1st.There are also hard copies at the fellowship. The announcement was made on 5/1 to all members. If you did not receive it or cannot locate it please let me know and we will kindly resend.

      I hope that this helps.
      Barb Harrison

    • Barbara Harrison

      Hello Alexa and All,

      This is a great point. I would suggest that members should feel free to make and bring snacks . Thank you.
      Barb Harrison

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