UU Fellowship News

Dear UUFA Members & Friends,

To the disappointment of many, and yet, we hope, for the safety of all, the UUFA Board has decided that we are not ready to re-enter our Fellowship building for Sunday services yet. The Board has had extensive discussions throughout the pandemic about what criteria we would use to determine when we can safely reopen. Despite many of us now being vaccinated, the Board wants to fully consider how we can best meet in a way that is safe for all congregants and in covenant with our UU principles. We will reopen! I want to make sure we reopen in the best conditions possible, even if that means waiting a few more weeks to do so.

Please join us via Zoom tomorrow for an extremely timely service presented by UUFA friend Michelle Pride!

UUFA Board President

Susan Westenbarger


“Why You Should Care: Mental Health and Coping During the Pandemic,” with Dr. Michelle Pride
Sunday Service, June 13, 2021, 11am EST (By Zoom)

 We’re thrilled to have Dr. Michelle Pride speak to us this Sunday on mental health and coping during a pandemic. She’s one of so many mental health professionals who now have a unique window on the pandemic’s effect on our mental health.

Dr. Pride received her doctorate from Michigan State University. She is a multicultural/feminist/constructivist therapist who has specialized in working in a university setting. Her interests and expertise include women’s issues, LGBTIQA+ issues, trans affirmative therapy, group therapy, trauma work, and working with student athletes. Michelle was the training director for 8 years and for the last 3 years she has been working on balancing her passions for clinical work, supervision, advocacy, and social justice, and self-care. When she’s not at work, you can find Michelle hiking, kayaking, knitting, gardening, or listening to esoteric podcasts.

SUNDAY SERVICE Join via Zoom:  If you’ve already download the Zoom app, then simply click on this link to join us: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82365397153

SUNDAY SERVICE Join by Phone:  Use your phone to dial either 312 626 6799  or  646 876 9923. Then, when asked, enter meeting ID:  823 6539 7153  OR cut & paste this whole string of numbers, a couple commas, and an ending number symbol into your phone and it’ll dial all that automagically: +16468769923,,82365397153#