UUFA Annual Leadership Retreat – Saturday June 7 – 7501 Long Run Rd.

UUFA Executive Committee Members and Leaders:

Join us for the UUFA annual leadership retreat this this coming Saturday, June 7th from 2pm – 5pm .

Barb Harrison and Pat Gordon will host the meeting at their home – 7501 Long Run Rd., Athens, OH.
Due to an unexpected opening, the event will now take place in the Fellowship hall of the UUFA.

All leaders and members are welcome to attend this leadership meeting.

Please bring a potluck dish to share as we will plan to eat at the close of our meeting. Beverages and table service will be provided.

We regret that child care will not be provided as our home and grounds are not yet kid friendly . We adore our UUFA kids and want to keep them safe. If you are able to make childcare arrangements so that you can join us that would be best.

Leaders, please take some time to jot down your committee’s major accomplishments this past year as well as your dreams for the coming year.

Yours in community,

Barb Harrison