February 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

In attendance: Lynda Smith, Paul Patton, Jeremy Bowman, Michael Pistrui, Daniel Williams, Barb Harrison, Patrick Gordon, Jackie Warmke, Lois Whealey, Laura Mitchell, Roberta Roberson, Natalie Barman

Call To Order: 12:10

Leadership Covenant read by members

Review Prior Minutes: Motion to accept: Jackie, Seconded Natalie. No opposition.

Minister’s Report: Don Rollins to preach here in May. He is also interested in becoming an Affiliated Community Minister (discussion re this process to happen at future date after Don preaches at UUFA)

Treasurer’s Report: Many evenings spent setting up books, accounts, procedures, processes. Big thanks to Laura, Michael, Patrick, and Jeremy!

Old Business

Annual business meeting planning underway.

Finance committee to get budgets from committees—by Feb 15th.

All info (budgets, agenda, etc) for the general business meeting needs to be with Roberta by Feb 18th.

New Business

Re bylaws, Paul: motion: board to have meeting with bylaw committee to discuss new bylaws. Seconded Roberta. No opposition.

UUA certification and vote on social justice issue due tomorrow: Laura motion to vote yes on Reproductive Justice issue. Lois seconded. No opposition.

Pat advised we have 50 voting members in the congregation.

Committee Reports

Programming/RE Natalie: Children’s program following SOTSL program. Natalie appreciates having children involved in upstairs Sunday programs. Long term planning underway. Need babysitter for young ones. Natalie to talk with Jessie about Adult RE. Natalie to put together a budget. Paul reports that programming is scheduled through June.

COM/Membership Membership: revisiting game day and considering other non-Sunday service activities.

Facilities/Endowment: Kitchen update underway. Paul motion, Natalie seconded to tour the proposed new kitchen space after meeting. No opposition. Clean up day went well. Patrick talked about budgets and future facilities projects—insulation, doors.

Standing on the Side of Love: Lois advised that $370 raised through Guest At Your Table.

Adjourn: Roberta motion, Barb seconded 1:45

December 2014 Executive Committee Meeting

In attendance: Paul P, Jackie W, Lynda S, Michael P, Wenda S, Sam P, Sarah M, Barb H, Roberta R, Pat G, Daniel W, Jeremy B, Natalie B.

Ministers  report: See attached. Don Rollins is seeking religious community support for his at risk youth program. $250 donation and he will come once a year to talk about his ministry. Will discuss in future.

Old Business

Key Policy – draft update from 11/2 meeting—Accepted Sam motion, Natalie seconded.  Will be published in Greensheet and on web.  If you don’t get yours, get in touch with Sam.  Make your end of the year tax deductible donations NOW!

New Business

Finance policy – Finance committee’s newly drafted policy done with a view to clarifying process and procedures of finance team.  OMD and Finance committee ideas could be merged.  Records are in excel at the moment.  Conversion to Quickbooks will take time—it’s ongoing.  Finance and IT folks could meet and sort out a way to facilitate.

Annual Mtg. – Nominating Committee (3 people) Meeting is March 15th  Wenda nominated Dru Evarts, Jeremy Bowman, Roberta Roberson.

Committee Reports

RE /Programming – Natalie & Paul.   Teachers and Erik recognized for their service.  Sarah and Elli’s last Sunday.  Natalie needs a couple of people who are willing to be on the committee.  Sunday programming done through April.

Facilities & Communications – Patrick, Michael & Daniel.  Greensheet needs articles—once in, can start publishing again.  Entries needed before end of month.   Bathrooms underway—will be done by Breakaway.

COM & Membership – Jessie and Michael.  Survey well underway—results by end of January.

Winter Breakaway – Barb & Paul.  Meeting on Friday afternoon and Saturday to decorate/setup

UUFA Annual Leadership Retreat – Saturday June 7 – 7501 Long Run Rd.

UUFA Executive Committee Members and Leaders:

Join us for the UUFA annual leadership retreat this this coming Saturday, June 7th from 2pm – 5pm .

Barb Harrison and Pat Gordon will host the meeting at their home – 7501 Long Run Rd., Athens, OH.
Due to an unexpected opening, the event will now take place in the Fellowship hall of the UUFA.

All leaders and members are welcome to attend this leadership meeting.

Please bring a potluck dish to share as we will plan to eat at the close of our meeting. Beverages and table service will be provided.

We regret that child care will not be provided as our home and grounds are not yet kid friendly . We adore our UUFA kids and want to keep them safe. If you are able to make childcare arrangements so that you can join us that would be best.

Leaders, please take some time to jot down your committee’s major accomplishments this past year as well as your dreams for the coming year.

Yours in community,

Barb Harrison

UUFA Membership Committee Leadership Changes

Membership Chair Laura Patton has graciously stepped down from her role as Membership Chair. Due to family needs she feels she cannot continue to hold this position at this time. She will continue to be involved in Fellowship life as she can. We thank you Laura for your service to the fellowship as membership chair.

If members are interested in joining the membership committee please contact Barb Harrison for more details. The membership committee is responsible for activities such as: membership records and visitor welcome, new member welcome and services, Sunday greeting and coffee hour, support of potluck Sundays, Round Robin dinners and general event planning. Thanks to continuing membership team members; Marsha Nagy, Sarah Foster and Michael Pistrui for all of your work making sure UUFA members and friends are welcomed .