February 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

In attendance: Lynda Smith, Paul Patton, Jeremy Bowman, Michael Pistrui, Daniel Williams, Barb Harrison, Patrick Gordon, Jackie Warmke, Lois Whealey, Laura Mitchell, Roberta Roberson, Natalie Barman Call To Order: 12:10 Leadership Covenant read by members Review Prior Minutes: Motion to accept: Jackie, Seconded Natalie. No opposition. Minister’s Report: Don Rollins to preach here in May. He is also … [Read more…]

UUFA Membership Committee Leadership Changes

Membership Chair Laura Patton has graciously stepped down from her role as Membership Chair. Due to family needs she feels she cannot continue to hold this position at this time. She will continue to be involved in Fellowship life as she can. We thank you Laura for your service to the fellowship as membership chair. … [Read more…]