UUFA Greensheet

THIS SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 2019, 11:00am
End-of-Life Planning, including Green Burials, Advanced Directives, Life Histories, Memorial Plans and More. If you have experience/skills/knowledge/thoughts on end-of-life planning and how the UUFA might helps its members in that regard, please bring along your thoughts and info to share. Service Leader: Wenda. Coffee and community beginning at 10:30 a.m. with Service at 11:00.

RELIGIOUS EXPLORATIONS NEWS: OUR CHILDREN’S PROGRAM During the holidays we share gifts and many of those are shipped or protected in boxes. Boxes of all sizes and colors.  After all the presents are opened, the real creative fun starts for the children.  What can I make out of those boxes?  A car, a chair, a castle, a creature???   For the next couple of weeks, the RE children are going to reuse empty boxes to make creative stuff.  If you have empty boxes of any size that you would like to donate to our project, please bring them to the church January 13 for starts.  If we need more, there will be another request in next week’s Green Sheet.  If you would like your boxes picked up from your house this week, call Natalie,  317-902-8788 or email her at nbarman14@gmail.com

Thank you to all members who have been collecting for the Guest At Your Table campaign this holiday season.  Please bring your final collection to service on January 6th as Barb Harrison will finishing collecting our contributions and will send them off to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

THANK YOU to Marsha Nagy for hosting a December 29th poetry and potluck event at her home for all UUFA member and friends.

OUR NEXT BOARD MEETING Our next UUFA Board Meeting will be 10am Sunday, January 13th in the Ploghoft room. All members welcome to attend.

THE WIDER COMMUNITY We are proud of our many connections to the greater community.
Rev. Don Rollins joined religious leaders in Athens County in urging the public to start talking and acting on Climate Change. Both the Athens Messenger and the Athens News published the letter, which was drafted by UUFA member Wenda Sheard and edited by members of the Earth Justice Network of congregational lay leaders concerned about environmental issues. Click here to read the letter in the Athens News.

For nearly thirty years, we have welcomed Alcoholics Anonymous to meet every Wednesday evening in our Fellowship building. The AA group has been a steady and considerate occupant of our space all these years. Many thanks to all who make our AA connection possible.

International Auction and Spaghetti Dinner (GF/Vegan Options) 

Like laughing at all the odd objects that people manage to amass? Want to reduce the number of unused oddities in your closet and replace them with more useful and attractive items? Then come to UUFA 5:30-8:30 pm on Saturday February 9, 2019, for our first annual international auction.

Bring an item or two to donate for the auction… each item should have some international connection. If you can’t think of its international connection, Richard Thieret will make one up. All profits will go to the UUFA. Contact Richard Thieret for details. Stay tuned for more information.

OUR NEXT PROGRAMMING AND RE MEETING Our next Programming & RE Committee meeting will be a half-hour meeting online at 7:00pm on Thursday January 24 via Zoom. Members of that committee are Katie Evans, Brian Richards, and Wenda Sheard. Rev. Don Rollins also attends. Other UUFA members and friends are most welcome to attend. Contact wendasheard@yahoo.com by Thursday at least 30 minutes before the meeting if you wish the Zoom meeting ID.


January 13 – Rev. Don Rollins, Service & Potluck   An Old Story for a New Day, Part Two: Picking up from the turn of the 20th century, Don will conclude an overview of UU history – it’s champions, crossroads, failures and nowadays challenges.

January 20 – Patrick McGee will share his music and his wisdom.  Details TBA

January 27th – Pool of Narcissus and The Moons of Jupiter  A human-centered god and a god-centered human…. Is it heavenly symbiosis or primate narcissism?   Science teacher Richard Thieret will describe the  illusions reflected in the pool of spiritual narcissism, the scientific developments that have have introduced ripples to that pool, and how Unitarians, seeking spiritual growth through logic, reason and analysis can look up from the self-absorbing pool to view the world around them. A lively talk and discussion is expected.

Feb 3rd – TBA

Feb. 10th – Rev. Don Rollins, Service & Potluck Details TBA

Feb. 17th – CoExist Q&A (Panel of UUFA Members of Various Faiths) Details TBA

Feb. 24th – Our RE Children will Lead Us in a Special Hands-On Service. Details TBA

Mar. 3rd – Je Hooper

HOW TO SUBMIT ITEMS FOR THE GREENSHEET Please email items to wendasheard@yahoo.com and put “Greensheet” in the subject line. New ideas, new columns, announcements, artwork, photographs, biographies, joys, sorrows, birthdays, anniversaries, and whatnot all welcome for possible inclusion in the Greensheet. Deadline for each week: Midnight Monday. Thanks!