UUFA July 7th – delfin bautista speaks

SUNDAY July 7, 2019.  Stories of siding with love through life’s messiness…insights, bloopers, OMGs, and all. by delfin bautista  delfin writes: “My hope is to create space to explore what siding with love looks like for each of us by sharing a little about my story. After, I would like to invite folks to reflect on their stories and give some time for sharing. Folks do not have to pattern or model their lives after mine…it is about folks seeing in me and in each other the power of possibilities through story.” Coffee at 10:30am; Service at 11am.

Our Welcoming Congregation “Renewal” Program
        At our annual meeting this year, we voted to renew our status as a Unitarian Universalist Welcoming Congregation. 
        From UUA.org: “Welcoming Congregations confess to not having updated or reviewed their LGBTQ+ programs and outreach since the 1990s. As such, the UUA unveiled the Welcoming Congregations renewal program in 2015. Our goal was, ‘To honor your original pledge, it’s essential that new people in the congregation understand your congregation’s commitment to this work and that people who were originally involved in the program, and learn about the current needs and concerns of LGBTQ+ people.'” 
        The UUFA programming committee has invited delfin bautista to speak to us this Sunday as part of of the UUA’s Second Practice of Welcome Renewal, which is “incorporating Welcoming Worship Services into our ordinary calendar of worship every year. These services might occur during LGBTQ+ Pride Month or any other day of observance. An LGBTQ marriage ceremony, naming ritual, or remembrance ceremonies may also fulfill this objective.”  We greatly appreciate delfin sharing their story with us this Sunday, July 7th. Thank you, delfin!

News from UUA.ORG:
Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, President of the UUA, delivers a compelling message about what Unitarian Universalists are doing to create climate justice. The UUA and UU’s advocate for climate justice following the leadership of most impacted communities doing frontline climate justice work. Create Climate Justice is a community organizing hub for UU Climate Activists. Create Climate Justice Net was created to give UU climate and environmental justice activists and coalition partners a valuable tool for education, collaboration, and organizing. It is a joint initiative of the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth, Unitarian Universalist Association Green Sanctuary Program, and UU-United Nations Office. Watch her VIDEO HERE.

2019-2020 UUFA BOARD MEMBERS July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020, as determined at our annual meeting: President: Barb H., President Elect: Susan W., Board Members: Katie E.,  Brian R., Jessie R., Roberta R.. Treasury: Roberta R. with Patrick G. Sexton: Richard T., Secretary: Vacant.

NEXT UUFA BOARD MEETING: Will be in August at a time yet to be determined. Let Barb know if you wish to attend. If you’re on the board, by June 30th please answer Barb’s email asking about possible dates. Thanks.

Sunday, July 14th: Service by Nate Hayes & Potluck

Sunday, July 21st: The Science of Happiness

Sunday, July 28th: Open Discussion: Spirituality and the Environment

Sunday, August 4th: Guest Speaker Minister Bruce Livingston

Sunday, August 11th: “Mike & Freddie & Me” Five years after the extrajudicial murders of Mike Brown and Freddie Gray, UUFA member Susan Westenbarger will explore the ramifications of their deaths at the hands of those pledged to “protect and serve” and how today’s Movement for Black Lives resonates within Unitarian Universalism.  & Potluck

Sunday, August 18th: Self-Improvement Through Accountability

Sunday, August 25th: Open Discussion: Spirituality and Health

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