UUFA Hires Consulting Minister Rev. Donald Rollins

On behalf of the UUFA Executive Committee we are pleased to announce that we have contracted with Rev. Donald Rollins to provide ministerial services on a 9 month, part-time, consulting basis. Rev. Rollins will serve UUFA one Sunday per month in the pulpit and will be available to guide and consult with leadership and members throughout the year as time and circumstance permit. Rev. Rollins contract as a consultant is in effect for a 9 month period beginning Sept. 1, 2016 and ending May 31st 2017. The executive committee was presented with this proposal at our June meeting and it was unanimously approved ! While our earlier minister search process was not successful in securing a 1/4 time minister this contract with Rev. Rollins is encouraging for our future as a community and will assist us with having professional ministerial support as we move through this year. For more information or questions about this process please contact Jessie Roberson, President UUFA or Barb Harrison, Committee on Ministry Chairperson.

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