UUFA – Barb Harrison & Rev. Don Rollins

BULLETIN: For Sunday, March 15th ONLINE at 11am, please grab a cup of coffee, settle down on your couch, and join Barb Harrison on her Facebook page, where she’ll be informally livestreaming some thoughts and answering questions from UUFA members and others. If you’re not already Barb’s Facebook friend, feel free to friend her.


A Word from Our Minister, Rev. Don Rollins

Good members and friends of UUFA,

I don’t have to tell you how much the world has changed over the past couple of weeks. The severity and scope of the Covid-19 pandemic are far greater than most of us could’ve imagined, shaking the foundations we once thought unshakable.

Rather than use this space to repeat the precautions and symptoms, I want to offer some opportunities to reflect on what all this means for a fellowship in exile, first as a whole, then as individuals.


  • Continue to stay connected with others in safe, electronic ways – online, phone and text. This is a great time to reach to someone in the fellowship you know, or maybe not at all. Just check-in and tell them they’re on your mind and in your heart;
  • Remember the virus has impact on UUFA’s budget, for this and the next fiscal year. Many of us have taken a financial hit as a result of this virus – and aren’t sure when the hits will stop. Still, do what you can to complete your 2019-20 giving. Same for 2020-21. Thanks in advance for thinking of the money side;
  • Know that you can reach out to me if life under the virus gets to be too much. Email is best given I’m serving two congregations, but here’s my personal email and phone: donaldlrollins@gmail.com and 740-988-7834.

For you:

  • Question 1: What are you missing most about UUFA?
  • Question 2: What are you doing to look after yourself?
  • Question 3: What is this experience teaching you about what’s essential in life, and what’s not? Or as Unitarian minister and abolitionist Theodore Parker put it, what’s transient and what’s permanent?

That’s it for now, good people.

Blessings and strength for the journey,


For SUNDAY EVENING, March 15, 2020:  How about try the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship?

Please do visit the online Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship. To visit that church’s main webpage, click here.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship has online worship services that happen every Sunday evening. On that online UU church’s worship webpage, located by clicking here, you’ll see the following information:

“We gather each week in global spiritual community to worship live together. Join us Sundays around 7:45 PM Eastern Time.  Worship will start at 8 PM. We are here for you. Click here to RSVP to receive connection info and reminders directly to you via email.” 

NOTE: The connection information will arrive within seconds of when you RSVP. 


Please remember that we are engaging in our annual pledge drive which is set to end tomorrow, Sunday, March 22nd.  If you have not already submitted your pledge please send an email to: treasurer@uuathensoh.org. Please include your name and the amount you wish to pledge for the 20-21 year.  The amount you pledge is due on June 30, 2021.
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