Our Kids in July!

by Erik Peterson During July we spent a lot of time outdoors participating in theater style role playing, getting to know our neighbors in the plant and animal kingdoms (our 7th principle) and working on building a fort together. Using democratic action espoused by our 5th principle, we’ve also engaged in discussions about what they’d … [Read more…]

Our Kids in June!

Written by Ellie Andrews, RE teacher In June, we focused on the first two principles: that each and every person is important and that all people should be treated fairly and kindly. We explored these principles with consensus decision-making activities, through stories about people who overcame oppression in society, and by practicing giving every person … [Read more…]

Love Guides Our Children’s RE

By Erik Peterson In March the RE program explored sessions 4 and 5 of the Love Will Guide Us curriculum (available online – click link) through the lens of the 3rd and 4th principles of Unitarian Universalism. Among many activities aimed at engaging a diversity of learning styles from this month, we constructed a tree … [Read more…]

Children to have Easter can hunt

On Easter Sunday, March 31, the children of the Fellowship will enjoy an Easter can hunt as they look around the Fellowship property for canned goods the RE Program will later deliver to food pantries. Those who would like to help with this could bring cans of food on any of the three remaining Sundays … [Read more…]