Membership Committee Seeks Greeter Help in Sunday Mornings !

The membership committee is inviting interested members to serve as greeters on Sunday mornings. There will be a sign up sheet available beginning this Sunday, October 20th , for those interested.

Responsibilities include:
Arrive by 9:45 a.m. on Sunday morning
Be prepared to greet members/friends as they arrive with your warm , welcoming best 🙂
Direct folks to the sign in book
Direct newcomers to complete visitors cards
Ensure that they help themselves to coffee/tea and make note of restrooms
General hospitality in the UU style !

Ask Barb Harrison or a member of the membership committee for more details: Michael Pistrui, Marsha Nagy and Sarah Foster.

Member Spotlight: Alexa Ross

Member Spotlight: Alexa Ross

Born an Army brat, Alexa lived in Yokohama, Virginia, Toul (France), Frankfurt and Chicagoland, growing up with two sisters. After college in Appleton, Wisconsin, it was San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Daytona Beach and ultimately Nelsonville. In the ’70’s she last traveled extensively, visiting North Africa, Holland, Spain, Ireland and Greece, picking grapes in France and wild oats in England. After three months in India, she returned to Europe overland just before the fall of Afghanistan.

In 1982 while promoting a one-woman show, she met theatre owner Jack Ross in New York. Together they ran an acting school and wrote “Mice in the Theatre”, a comedy about off-Broadway. Now widowed, she is busy gardening, videotaping for Public Access TV, going through 13,000 photos from her trip, being green and enjoying her five cats. She looks forward to another trip to Asia soon.

New Members Welcomed

Five new members were welcomed to the UUFA membership status during our morning service on Sunday, Feb. 24. They include:

Shea Daniels moved from Chillicothe to Athens in 2008 to attend OU. She is now an Americorps member serving Trimble Elementary School. She will begin graduate school this Fall.

Patrick Gordon is renewing his membership with UUFA after being on hiatus. He has attended three other UU churches: First UU Church in Columbus, First UU Church in Pittsburgh, and East Suburban UU Church in Murraysville, Pa. Patrick considers himself panentheist wherein one spirit is immanent and transcendent of the universe and all things are contained and part of that spirit.

Robin Schaffer just celebrated her 64th birthday by dancing with her 6-year-old granddaughter to the Beatles’ “When I’m 64,” doing shadow pup-pets, and making ravioli with her husband (and still her Valentine) of 37 years. Her life’s work has been 40 years of supporting children with disabilities, as well as their families and teachers. In re-tirement, she continues to be involved in the lives of people who are meeting challenges as she volunteers in hospice and seeks other ways, too. Her favorite hobby is storytelling, mainly through sign language and Appalachian stories. She is now prioritizing time for traveling, connecting with UUFA, and sharing joys and concerns.

Daniel Warmke was born, grew up, and attended college right here in Athens. His adult life has been split between his wife Jackie and daughter Norah on one hand and the Ohio Army National Guard on the other. He has served four deployments ranging from Hurricane Katrina to Afghanistan. He says Jackie describes him as “the least spiritual person she ever met,” but he has a degree in world religions and a love for all the wonderful and wild beliefs of humanity.

Daniel Williams grew up in the Dayton area, where he attended a liberal protestant church. He is an OU senior studying plant biology and bioinformatics.