OMD Chalice Lighters Program

The Ohio-Meadville Chalice Lighters and Friends of OMD programs are excellent examples of what is meant when we say that we are all better when we work together.

Chalice Lighters is the most direct way we have to help our sister congregations with new growth projects or when they need help facing a sudden crisis situation. An OMD Chalice Lighter is an individual who pledges to respond with a small contribution when the call comes out to help a sister congregation. These calls are limited to four per year (one each quarter).

Friends of the OMD asks contributors to support new initiatives and programs in the district. For example, donations by our Friends has enabled the OMD to offer more youth programming and trainings this year as well as support social justice initiatives like UU Justice Ohio and our partnership with other liberal religious groups to offer last spring’s Immigration Reform Conference.

The OMD’s Resource Development Team oversees both the Chalice Lighter and Friends of the OMD programs. The Team is currently reviewing both programs with the goal of making them more responsive to the evolving needs of our congregations and members. We anticipate some exciting new developments that will directly impact the growth of Unitarian Universalism in the OMD. Please watch for an announcement in the near future.

405 Chalice Lighters Provide $71,060.92 in 2009-2013 to 19 Grantees

You possess only a small light, but uncover it, let it shine. Use it in order to bring more light and understanding to the hearts and minds of men and women. Give them not hell, but hope and courage.
~Anonymous, often attributed to John Murray ~ Founder of Universalism in America

Most Recent Grants:

  • $3224.19 to Maumee Valley UU Congregation in Bowling Green, OH – May 2013 call – To help expand their RE program and hire RE staff
  • $3105.44 to CERG Relief Fund – February 2013 call – To assist congregations with the Superstorm Sandy Recovery due to continuing need. This was a 2nd call for this fund due to no other applications for this round.
  • $4849 to CERG Relief Fund – November 2012 call -To assist congregations with the Superstorm Sandy Recovery

The current call benefits the West Fork UUs, an emerging congregation in the Clarksburg/Bridgeport area of West Virginia. This is part of a well thought out process to bring a liberal religious congregation to an area without. Learn more about the current call at the OMD Chalice Lighter Page.

Applications for the next round of grants are due October 1. Learn more about the current application process at the OMD Chalice Lighter Application Page.

We want to thank our Chalice Lighters for providing these opportunities for our congregations!

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