Greensheet Up and Running

Looks like the Greensheet notices are making it out again. I am still working on the formatting and such. I had to disable and remove our old software as it wasn’t working and add in a new system. Hope we can still use this service. Some of you will still receive a paper Greensheet at … [Read more…]

UU Bulletin: Love Resists

The Unitarian Universalist Association and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee are excited to launch Love Resists, a joint campaign to protect both the values of our democracy and the humanity and rights of individuals and communities most at risk. Since the election of President Trump, more than 860 clergy members, 40% of UU congregations, and … [Read more…]

Fellowship Construction

You may notice some construction starting in the Fellowship building itself. We are going to begin the opening of the apartment rooms to the rest of the building so that it will become a more useful space that we can utilize as an office. So that process will involve the moving of water and electric … [Read more…]

No Service on Sunday, June 22

This is just a reminder that there will be no service at the UUFA on Sunday, June 22. All four members of the programming committee will be out of town. Perhaps this is a good time to remind you that the programming committee is looking for more volunteers to join the committee and become service leaders. It … [Read more…]

H-UULTI Is Flipping the Classroom!

CERG has changed the format of UULTI from an expensive residential leadership training to a hybrid / online training. It’s more than a webinar! H-UULTI uses online technology to create a “flipped classroom” experience. Presentations happen online so that when you are meeting in person, you are using your valuable time in experiential and team learning. It’s … [Read more…]